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Thanks to Ryan Sohmer – the writer and organizer behind the comic Gutters – I have now read the weird and fascinating tale behind Rob Granito.

Start here –> The Ballad of Rob Granito
Then this –> Who on Earth is Rob Granito?
And this –> More amazing fun with Rob Granito
Megacon story –> Meeting with Rob Granito
And another Megacon encounter –> Confronting Rob Granito
And finally, this –> The Convention-al Death of Rob Granito

I wanted to talk to Mike (Krahulik) about this primarily, because he’s another artist. Instead, I only managed to find Gerald, and he had this to say:

I had been alerted to this bizarre tale awhile ago, and I think we sort of followed it like innocents watching a hurricane rip through our neighbor’s yard. Mike and I possessed a strange disconnect while reading about Robert Granito. One day it was here, the next it was over in a flurry of wrathful Gods higher on the comic foodchain than we. Which made me glad I never had to do something about it in person.

 It’s odd that people seem to think that no one notices when they cheat the system. The system that helps people like me and Mike eat, and we take pride being a part of that system. We love being able to create something that people enjoy, and we encourage others to join the ever expanding world of art. We try to be original, even when it’s incredibly hard. However, we do not STEAL or CHEAT other artists of their rightful dues, and the fact a shit-eating con-artist thinks he can only makes me and Mike want to beat the ever-living shit out of him. Thankfully, my wife and my more logical, peaceful self reign in my violent nature towards conceptual soul thieves.

Because that is what they are – they steal our creations, thus unfairly feasting on our souls, ideas and dreams. I’m glad someone took a vorpal blade to this gabberwocky’s head, and snicker-snack, his career is dead. Perhaps the demons of Falsehoods will now dance on his grave, and we can go back to fighting the good fight against the other injustices (brought to you by shitty video game companies) we face on a day-to-day basis.

Touche. A little long-winded, but very nicely put. ;D

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