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T. M. 8. A.

That’s the team that went out today and made a record to run a program to mess with client files. I didn’t have any info about what this job did, so my brain threw that info away.

Later on, I get a request to run jobs to access files to pass information to clients (Conversions and Team GEC). Almost immediately, one of the pass files dies. The other won’t even go because it’s reading an error in the code.

So we dick with it, and dick with it, and Conversions keeps handing me records to run different programs to fix files. 3 fucking hours of it. Then GE gets on my case – “why can’t our job run?” Because the files are fucked, that’s why. I was pissed and confused as to why Conversions screwed up our files.

Then – just as the guy from Conversions comes on and tells me his replacement is taking over for the day – I find out that the team now fixing files is TM8A. Wait – TM8A? Why?


So much hate for them. I’m going home late late because I have to stay and wait to run the pass programs.

Guess where TM8A is located? MOTHERFUCKING INDIA!!!

* Malk pointed out that 8 is not a letter … doh!

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And Now 67%

Of polled Republicans decided that they won’t vote for Palin due to her resignation and the revelation of more ethics violations during her term of service as governor of Alaska.

The 33% who said they will have stipulations to their votes, and that puts her ability to run for President even further into the tank.

(this is mostly in response to Lord Omlette’s comment on my last post that he thinks Palin could somehow dredge up enough support to run)

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Gun Post

I don’t normally write these kind of posts, mostly because my support for gun ownership is rather conservative. But when they announced the passing of a fingerprint law for buying a gun in Omaha – on top of every other hurdle gun owners go through – I find that sometimes gun control is more trouble than its worth.

I did not realize this until I heard the story on NPR, but John Bowman – the sharpshooter known as the “Master of Triggernometry” – died on June 29th at age 84. He was a gentleman, a true veteran (3 bronze stars and a purple heart), trained real professionals (such as the FBI and SWAT) to use guns correctly, and taught a lot of Hollywood actors how to fire six-shooters. Kinda sad to lose him.

Palin’s bailin’ out as the 18th ethics complaint is being filed on her. I can understand getting one or two, but eighteen? I think her political boat has just been sunk – she had a chance until she quit under the suspicion of continued violations. Now maybe she’ll disappear for awhile and not surface until she writes her retarded baby book or whatever.

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