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Coleman gave up, allowing Al Franken to win the Senate seat. Of course, Coleman’s claiming the system’s broken, even though he’s the one who called for a recount on all the absentee ballots. Just glad it’s over – that was 8 wasted months in court and in the media.

That South Carolina governor that disappeared not only visited his Argentinan mistress, but apparently a lot of his old girlfriends. GG, Sanford, GG. He did reimburse the state for using $3k to visit her once, but JFC dude.

Wal-Mart jumped on the bandwagon for Obama’s health care plan. Not that they’re doing it for the right reasons – I’m pretty sure that Wal-Mart would be more than willing to NOT pay for health care themselves, just adding more money to their profits. Fucking Wal-Mart.

Iran’s looking into the election demonstrations, trying to tie the opposition leader to inciting the violence. I’m pretty sure that Ahmadinejad wants to kill his opponent, since Mousavi has the charisma to take him down legitimately.

I’m sure everyone’s watching the Honduran coup – the military leader in charge says he’s not going to ever, ever, ever give up his position as the ruler of Honduras. Which means that violence is assured, since the remaining countries in the Americas are pretty sure that he has to go. Expect to see some bombing and some invading going on soon.

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