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The Tax Holiday idea is a joke. A bad joke. There’s so many things to look at when considering this type of idea:

– What does this tax support? ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE
– Will the price of gas go down? NO, because the moment it drops 18 cents, the oil companies are poised to push it up 18 cents and you won’t notice the price increase until September, and then it’s too late to go, “HEY WTF?!?”
– Will a proposal such at this one make it through Congress? NO, because there are ample Republican and Democrat senators who know the real way to force oil companies to behave is to begin stripping their government tax rebates away.

Fuck both Clinton and McCain for supporting such horrible policies and not focusing on the real issue. Iraq reports they have a giant oil revenue surplus, and they continue to push the price of oil up. Corrupt fucking bastards.

Today’s IDAM: Tell the world what they already know about Iran – that they are a weapons dealer that sponsors terrorism against the Americans in the Middle East.

So the big focus is on Bush’s State of the Economy address, in which he blamed everyone but his Administration (Olbermann is a comedian – watch video). I like how Bush points out that Congress is run by Democrats, when in reality it is like 51-49, leaning barely in the Democrat’s favor. The Fed cut interest rates again, almost at the end of their rope for cutting rates. Read Paulson’s lips: No more stimulus packages for Americans – what people got is all they get.  Market closes down for the second time this week. “I don’t know any words to define the present state of the economy,” our President says, because his vocabulary is extremely limited.

I wonder if the new art form emerging from this year’s primary race is going to be Democratic Political Theater, established by Hilary Clinton. This is why the Democratic Party is equally as retarded as the Republican Party (for different reasons, but the same lameness). lolz

As we leave April, we leave it as the most deadliest month in Iraq for 2008. Things were as bad as they were in August of last year. May – I’m sure – will probably top April, and June will top May, and July will top June, and August will top July. This is the never-ending cycle, people. We kill – at most – 150 to 250 of their guys during this season. They kill over 400 of ours. I’m glad that at least most of us welcome home our troops with enthusiasm.

It’s all we can do at the moment.

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