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I sorta took the name of my employer out of my blag sometime ago, because I didn’t want them to get all pissy at me for being negative. However, today it was announced that we’ve signed a deal to buy up InComm (hint hint), which does a majority of the country’s gift cards, online video game payments, etc. At the same time, Mastercard announced that their business has doubled overseas, which is also tied to my company. It’s going to be busier here very soon. This has slightly changed my attitude towards how fucked up this company is – slightly.

The Vice-President is apparently more powerful than the President. Not only can the office do more than the President’s can, it is also beyond Congressional oversight. Not even the President is beyond that. That’s fucked up, really, since we all know where Cheney is getting his kickbacks.

Bush blames Congress for the lack of an energy plan going into one of the roughest summers yet. He’s partially right, but he has to remember that a lot of “plans” for energy, fuel, food, etc. are a responsibility of the President’s administration. Lately, pointing fingers only draws attention to your actions, so you’d think he’d know better (hahahaha).

Iraqi insurgents and Mudhi militiamen are becoming more and more active. Al-Sadr’s army hit a US patrol in Sadr City, causing massive amounts of damage and the US army to regroup in that region. The insurgents managed to kill a top Iraqi official with a bomb. Can’t wait to hear how Petraeus spins the giant increase in violence despite the Surge.

Finally, the economy is seeing a five year low in confidence. Together with the worst mortgage foreclosure, the massive drop in housing prices, highest gas prices in months, and the health care cost increase, this does not look good for Mr. Average American.

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