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Rush Limbaugh Part n

I took some flack last time I posted about what a retarded moron Rush Limbaugh is, and how desperate he is to push the country into a neo-Conservative state. But the stupid fucker doesn’t know how to be intelligent, apparently.

Recently, he advocated on his radio show having riots in Denver at the Democratic National Convention – stating that it was the responsibility of the Republicans – to ensure they (the Democrats) don’t get elected in November. That if they were able to make it look like the liberals are a bunch of troublemakers, they would propel the Senators and Presidential nominee who may be in trouble. Then when called out by his own listeners, he said it was his dream, not his call for violence.

Then he goes on to say that Republicans don’t have riots – that they are actually sane people. Does the motherfucker not pay attention to the Administration? Do they seem sane? Not two months ago, he was talking out his ass about how crazy McCain is, and that Republicans should not let this man be the nominee. Now he’s trying to get McCain elected. On top of that, he’s now advocating unruly, insane behavior on the part of his listeners in Denver.

Bottom line – I advise people not to listen to Rush Limbaugh as a real radio show host, but as an on-air comedy routine. The guy is a fucking nutty asshat with no sense of reality anymore.

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