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Until just recently. Now, it appears that he went along with the Administration to promote himself into a position where he can deadlock the next President or so into following Bush’s flawed Iraqi plan in which soldiers are killed so contractors can make billions. What’s worse is that his deputy commander has this tendency to make threats with no real intention to back them up. Fucking fuckity fuck!

Oh, Pakistan. You crazy ally, you. You pretend to support our efforts, yet you sabotage them. Ha ha ha ha, shame on us for trusting you, you silly! Not that I blame you, since the US has done absolutely nothing but harass and embarass you since we allied with you.

Clinton’s win in Pennsylvania is blow all out of proportion by the media (big surprise – not). She gained 9 delegates towards his lead. Not 100, not 90, but 9. That’s not “winning,” that’s losing by continuously tying Obama. Unless she can win decisively in all the rest of the primaries (that means by more than 20% margin), I’m going to predict that Obama’s going to win. Problem is that she’s virtually worn down his chances of success by being a totally self-centered, crazy bitch about it. Her husband tags along there and somehow has gone from a decent ex-President to a total nutjob. The Conservatives want her to win – they are running ads against Obama, and he hasn’t even won the nomination yet. If she’s the candidate, they can count on blacks not voting in the next Presidential election.

I’m not sure what McCain’s convoluted campaign has planned to secure a win. I mean, the guy pops up looking like a total sexist creep, and his flaunted virtual border fence along the Arizona border just totally wasted $20 million of the taxpayers’ money. I’m expecting he shoots someone before November, just because that would make sense in the line of how fucked up his campaign is right now.

Another example of how religiously fucked up the Bible Belt is. “Hey, we grew up and worked for separation of church and state in a sensible manner in Louisiana!” “No, no, we can’t do that, because we’re fanatical Christians who are fucked in the head and appealing the ruling.” “Oh, okay, let’s go back to being retarded for another 10 years.”

Chinese hackers are funny. In that “we suck because we’re politically inept” way. Changing sports scores to downplay Tibet’s revolts? We all know people who are checking sports scores on the Internet don’t give a crap about China’s rights to anything. In fact, it probably turned more Americans against their cause. Durrrrrr.

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