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The World Bank warned the rest of the world that we can expect a silent tsunami of extreme hunger in the future. Although most Americans are more worried about their troubles on airlines after the recent string of quarterly failures. I’m disappointed by humanity as a whole, when Miley Cyrus news is more fucking popular than people dying.

Congress and the FCC debate “teh foocher of da Interwebs.” So far, they think we’re not overly discriminating on this series of tubes. Hahahahahahahaha … ha … ahhhh.

Protip to politicans: If you want to win elections, don’t attend gatherings for Hitler’s birthdays. Regardless of the reason. Because there is no really good reason.

In local news, the resolution to recall the Omaha mayor has failed. Miserably. Because it was for the wrong reasons. Short explanation: Mayor does study of 70 year-old Rosenbladt baseball stadium. Finds stadium costs a lot to maintain. Does study about a new stadium elsewhere. Finds new stadium costs are less than old to maintain. Proposes a new stadium, and closing/demolishing the old one. Also finds that it would create new business to Omaha. Conservative traditionalist twats go bonkers and demand we save Rosenbladt. Those twats want to recall mayor. Rest of Omaha realizes that it’s a good plan and that the twats are twats. End of story.

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