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Jack Cafferty (who is Op Ed and sometimes funny) asks:

“What is younger than John McCain?”

On his blog.

Best answer is by JD down the list –

“McCain isn’t too old to be President. He’s just wrong on too many issues.”


(Although the comments about the Iraq War being younger than McCain unless he becomes President are also my favorites)

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Apparently, he’s in ur synagogues Passin over ur dudes. Getting tired of hearing about him, so I can’t wait until he goes back to Rome tomorrow. Since the US based media can’t do anything but over-report on certain events.

Tancredo from Colorado is so paranoid of illegal aliens (and the biggest freakin douchebag in Colorado) that he totally misinterpreted the Pope’s message for legal aliens. The dude criticized the Pope on something he totally didn’t say or mean. I hope Tancredo has a stroke, because I’m getting tired of hearing about him in the news as well.

I knew that America was good at building walls in the Middle East in a metaphorical sense, but this one isn’t really welcomed by either side. So why are we building a wall that they’ll tear down in a week or so later? (Hint: It has to do with money and Bush’s contractor friends)

It’s not my place to tell you how to worship God, but when it involves breaking the law with under-aged girls and not paying taxes (by claiming to be married to people you aren’t), then I hope you go down in flames. I hope this sect’s building burn down while they are all in court. Hahahahaha.

In Nebraska, we’re moving our State Fair from Lincoln (the capital city) to Grand Island (in the middle of the state in the middle of nowhere off of Interstate 80). Closer to my parents and people who actually attend the State Fair because people out east don’t give a shit about it since it’s a redneck hootinanny most of the time. Last time I went, four years ago, it was all cowboy hats, plaid shirts and country music. Terrifying and sickening.

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