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I was having issues logging into WordPress. Apparently, my browser hates it when I try to log in from the WP homepage, so I had to queue up the log-in secondary to get in. There are days when I truly fucking hate Mozilla.

Someone sent a funeral up a bomb in Iraq. Then sent up another bomb to Afghanistan. On top of that, the GOA came out with a report that says the US is not even close to being prepared for another terrorist attack on US soil, or even keep one from happening. They cited the main reason was because the President hasn’t done a damn thing to try and support the appropriate changes, and his screwed up changes to the DHS have only made things worse. WTB Mr. President.

Long time Republican Alan Keyes – who worked with the Reagan administration – is leaving the GOP because he’s tired of the neo-con bullshit. Yet another one joins the disgruntled crowd.

People keep asking me how I feel about Jimmy Carter meeting with Hamas and trying to mete out some peace in the Middle East on his own. I’m basically neutral because while I think it is a lost cause with Hamas being who they are (horrible terrorists), someone trying to do something – anything – is better than flat-out ignoring the problem. This whole, “It undermines the policy of the US wack wack,” garabage I hear coming out of Republican mouths is retarded. It’s apparent that A. not trying to diplomatically work with people doesn’t work, and B. again people think too highly of the US’s pull in the Middle East. People have this fucktarded notion that meeting with people gives them some sort of power – some sort of credibility. If anything, Hamas is actually hurting their appearance in the Middle East by being cozy with the West. So STFU, morons.

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