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Liar Liar

Okay. Someone tell me when the miltary went batshit insane. A portable lie detector? Oh, come on, people. The larger, less portable lie detector tests are somewhat iffy. What makes you think a portable one will work any better? Here’s the scenario I see happening:

  1. Firefight ensues, civilians run around in terror.
  2. Army grabs a few fleeing civilians, and administers test.
  3. Due to their level of fear and surprise, their racing hearts and elevated stress levels make the lie detector call them insurgents.
  4. An unnecessary arrest is made, innocent people go to already overflowing jails in Iraq.
  5. Or the person is taken to be interrogated, although they know absolutely nothing. Thus wasting time, money and killing our public image a little more.

I haven’t done this in awhile: SCIENCE!!!!

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