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Just as we’re setting up an open-ended occupation of Iraq, it’s reported the Green Zone suffered 52 attacks in just one week. Petraeus sat there and told Congress that everything was good and the surge was working while every diplomat in the GZ was forced to stay inside to avoid getting killed by the continuous attacks. Now, Al-Sadr is threatening to remove the ceasefire instead of doing the peaceful march he had planned, because it came to his attention that the protesters may be harmed by Iraqi or US soldiers. Bush is fuming and railing at everyone who critizes the war, lowering his popularity even farther.

So much for “peaceful resolutions.”

Well, today, the reality of a recession impacted the market. Housing sales are down 1.9% in one month, and gas will hit $4 by May. Basically, the Feds are saying if you aren’t rich and making over $250k a year, better get ready for some really hard times. Really, really hard times.

Hope you weren’t planning on flying American Airlines today. Or tomorrow. Or next week.

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