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To some degree back in the 90’s. However, lately, he’s turned into some sort of political monster. He doesn’t behave like an ex-President should, so I’m slowly writing him off as an idiot. Not an idiot like Dick Cheney, but still, he’s losing my respect.

Dafur probably won’t resolve itself any time soon. I doubt anything will resolve it soon. Even the intervention of US troops. We tried this before, in Bosnia and Somalia, and you know how well that worked out. I was in Bosnia in 96. That was a disaster that I’m sure some Canadian soldiers will agree with me about.

Invasion of privacy seems to be the norm after 9/11. I hate this kind of fucking retarded paranoia. What does it achieve? So far, nothing. Nothing at all.

I love how Fox News just goes into denial over every little thing that contradicts their beliefs (watch video).  The international community predicted our recession, a majority of economic analysts say we’re due, and even the President has given into acknowledging we’re in some sort of trouble. But not good ol’ Faux News. No sir.

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