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People seem to avoid trying to trick me on April Fools Day, perhaps because I am more accutely aware of what day it is at the end of March than I am ever during the rest of the year.

The entire Basra episode came down to this – the Iraqi PM tried to spin it as his victory, when the real victory is Al-Sadr’s. After all, all the gunmen only stopped after Al-Sadr said to, and they still have most of their weapons despite the Iraqi government’s attempt to take them away. The UK is now contemplating keeping the rest of their forces due for withdraw later this summer in Iraq because they don’t believe the Iraqi army can do anything useful. If that isn’t insulting enough.

We all thought Iran would be the US’s third battlefield. Well, we were wrong – we’re going to war in Dafur (and don’t be tricked into thinking this will be an easy operation). Chances are, spreading ourselves thinner won’t help our image any.

The market is up, but that doesn’t mean that we’re out of the woods. Notably, most of the companies reporting increases on the Dow are foriegn companies. The international community is certain the US is going to go through a recession in 2008-2009, and this year is looking particularly grim for anyone who isn’t already rich. Yay economy.

The US is seeing a decline in high school graduates, pushing us farther into the lowest category for educated youth. Iran is about to overtake us – how bad is that? And here we thought we were leading the world. Ha ha ha. We’re a joke, really.

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