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WorldWorks Games

WorldWorks Games is a growing company in the gaming world. Founded and driven by illustrator and cardstock wrangler Denny Unger and co-piloted* by Paul Senior, WWG provides many a cardstock terrain piece for innumerable roleplaying and miniature gaming fanatics. They support several genres for popular gaming, including:

They even have their own fantasy world called Arcraetia, where they develop independent and linked adventures to run! With each adventure comes a trove of exciting terrain add-ons for already existing terrain sets, as well as cardboard standies and other interesting goodies (the recent Coins of the Realm was developed with this realm in mind). Developed by WWG fans who have joined the staff (authors Bob Cooper and Joel Sparks, kitbashed by Aubrey Erickson, accompanied by illustrators Alberto Silva and Matt Cuenca).

I joined the community (which is absolutely superb, btw) in 2005. Throughout last year, their staff has grown to include several talented writers, designers, kitbashers and illustrators. They have teamed up with several other terrain developers, like StoneEdges Eric Galand and Ebble‘s Chris Roe, to continue to provide many cardstock alternatives to expensive terrain gaming.

For those new to the cardstock terrain building, they even supply some tutorials. I own a few sets myself, and I haven’t had to use the tutorials since the instructions are well-written and fairly in-depth, but you never know when you may want to see how other people do it. If you are super-stuck, you can always go to their user forums and ask questions (everyone in the community is more than happy to help). In fact, we more than welcome/encourage you to join the forums to be a part of our growing base.

I’ll be updating this blog with their newest releases as soon as they come out, as well as cover some of their old releases. I’ll have a WWG tag for you to use to check out what releases and news I’ve reported.

Denny’s just restarted his sneak peek blog for the site here, so feel free to keep an eye on it for updates as well!

* This is actually a Flight Simulator joke.


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I tried to watch the televised State of the U address, but couldn’t find enough that wasn’t a repeat of last year’s SotU address to keep me awake. The Democrats let Webb throw out a rebuttal, and I’m actually starting to think they may be learning them some of that there strategy stuff. They let Bush say everything that puts everyone to sleep, and then went with short, mostly hitting the points of contention. “We agree with everything but these two points. There, done.” Yay!

I did notice that El Presidente mentioned the name IRAN as something evil. Last time Bush mentioned the name of a country (i.e. IRAQ) in his speech as something evil, we meandered over there and basically started a war that’s not the war we wanted to fight, but it’s the war we’re now fighting. I’ve heard the Prez ask why other countries don’t like us. Maybe it’s his Administration’s idea of diplomacy?

And Iran seems to like to emulate G.W. Bush by continuously throwing at random threats to a growing list of people. Man, they even add each other to that list. Eventually, these leaders should just shorten their giant list of people that radical Islamic groups hate to be, “Anyone but us.” It’s more efficient that way.

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Entertainment NOW

I mean, this is so funny I don’t know what to say. Except maybe, “Oh pooh on you!” Hahahahahahaha!

Saw the Colbert/O’Reilly cross-interviews and it was so funny I couldn’t breathe. I will post the videos up here from YouTube later today when I get time and I’m not in a hurry to go home.

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So, it’s good to see many changes or proposed changes on the governmental horizon.

Finally, Congress is standing up to Bush. No more of the “I have a plan that is no plan really,” crap, it’s time to get organized. There’s some strong resolve across party lines to resist the surge. The Administration is going to resist, but they may not have much of a choice at this point. Of course, they don’t see the civil war brewing, when it’s quite evident that it’s brewing right under their very noses.

Also, some of the anti-terrorism measures are seeing some serious oversight. Easing restrictions on the NSA spying could go in a positive direction. The No-Fly List finally gets a much needed update (although, by no means is it fixed).

Gates has half a brain. He recognizes the need to send more troops to Afghanistan, and stop pulling troops out of there for Iraq. Finally someone who knows that’s a second front. That’s a relief to me.



Here’s some news from my local area, just to mix it up some:

– Are we finally recognizing poverty as a Nebraskan problem? That would be a first.

– And the sound of falling property taxes and reforms. It’s a sweet sound for us middle class folks.

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Things Change

Not to be jive-talking or anything,  but I think that Christian white people really have no place to talk when it comes to things like … well, slavery and Jewish people. Don’t Christians practice the “let he who hath no sin cast the first stone,” thing anymore?

Three incredibly fun and interesting things coming out of the White House (count them – one, two and three). What seriously entertains me is that when questioned about the “anyone who opposes us is a terrorist” attitude the Administration has, not even the President’s Press guy can effectively lie about it. Man, too much entertainment all at once!!!

Looks like Nancy Pelosi‘s on the way to changing things on Capital Hill.  The Dems are still trying to pound it into Bush’s head that you just can’t go around invading everyone who has their own opinions. It may not be long, however, before our own troops start withdrawing themselves from the Middle East, Bush be damned.

(Seriously, you need to watch the Tony Snow trying to answer a straight-forward, honest question video. HILARIOUS.)

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Aside from ignoring the sanctuary/immunity policy of embassies by raiding them, now the Israelis are against our surge. Is there anyone who hasn’t spoken out against our presence in Iraq? Do we really have any allies left?

Some people know the inevitable conclusion of antagonizing Iran. Despite Snow calling any attempts to start fights with Syria and Iran “urban myths.” Blah blah blah, someone needs to kick Tony Snow in the nuts. Hard.

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Well, since the troop surge is underway, all we can do now is wait and see if it actually has an impact on the situation at large.

I fear for the escalation in Iraq, and the big offensives in Afghanistan. If it doesn’t work, we can basically expect more dead and everything we worked for will have less of a lasting effect.

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