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Fox Newzorz

So, with all the crazy fun that Fox News seems to have with generating biased reporting, it’s not surprising that Presidential candidates start locking them out of press conferences. Of course, that doesn’t stop Cavuto from kissing the President’s ass at every turn. Woo-hoo, isn’t great to be in mass media?

Feingold shot out his legislation (you can get a link to the PDF here) for withdraw. However, Novak thinks that all the troops will be out by the end of 2007 – Bush wanting it or not – to save face for Republican candidates in the ’08 elections. I will not be surprised if that’s true.

Microsoft Vista was released today. And then hacked and the hack distributed to the rest of the Internet in less than 9 hours. If this is the best Microsoft can do, then we’re all royally screwed.


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