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Had a four night weekend from work. Coming back makes me realize I’m very lazy.

Anyway, there’s some good news, and there’s some bad news. And then there’s weird news that travels in parallel to the bad news.

Troop surge – will it really work? Some don’t think so. I definitely don’t think it’s a legitimate strategy – well, not in the screwed up capacity in which the administration is working it. Two reasons:

  1. If more troops are to work, you need to send twice the amount suggested. Then maybe you’ll make a dent in the situation.
  2. We’re implementing two strategies at once: eventual withdraw, and a troop surge. How the Hell does that work? It doesn’t.

You have to laugh at Faux News. I mean, let’s take a former military strategist and bring him on the air, and then when he says something we don’t want to hear, let’s make fun of him. Another reason you should not take Fox News seriously, and only for the head-splitting entertainment value.


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