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Warming Up to the Facts

You know, for someone who was loudly vocal about his disbelief in global warming, Bush seems to be turning around on the issue. What else does it take to convince people? The polar icecaps completely melting and your coastal cities being underwater? “I’m glad the ice is receeding, it means more land for me,” someone shot back at me. Hey, fool, where do you think all the displaced water is going to go?

I’m not saying I agree with the extremist Gaians who think the world is a living entity or that there’s going to be global catastrophies left and right. But science has proven that global warming is happening, and that a warmer planet means higher temperatures and higher water levels. It would be nice to, you know, not tempt nature.

Conservatives – your retards are showing. You might want to do something about them before they do something stupid.


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Heard about this, had to check it out.

Funny stuff. Somebody actually took time to make South Park characters of the Todd and Tyler Show.

To give non-Omaha people some background, Todd and Tyler have been on the air in Omaha for over 10 years. They run the most listened to radio show in Nebraska – even more listened to than NPR. Liberal, yes. Somewhat controversial, yes. But! – they can be over-the-top hilarious 90% of the time. And they seem to be able to call anyone famous they want and talk to them. They had SAMUEL L. JACKSON on at 6 in the morning CST (which would be 4 AM his time). Larry the Cable Guy calls them on his own.

They became some sort of radio empire when they started getting affiliates all over the Midwest. They just expanded to Witchita, KS and somewhere in Illinios. Add Colorado, Iowa, South Dakota and Oklahoma affiliates (and a Texas stream cast), they cover most of the Midwest. The Conservative Midwest. And they are POPULAR. It goes to show you – even Conservatives can’t help but get a laugh from liberal media.

Here are the rest of the youTube videos (via linkage):

I assume more are on their way. Do a search for Todd and Tyler in youTube to find more videos.

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