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Some people seem squeamish that the ex-cop turned killer was burned to death in a cabin out in the woods after they tried to – literally – knock the house down on top of him and smoke him out.

Personally, since he burned to death, it was probably easier than trying to kill him with a gun. Several officers tried that and died. I don’t care if it was intentional or whatever, but at least now we don’t have to hear about it for awhile and worry about him killing more people or cops accidentally killing more people or whatver.

It may seem inhumane, but let’s face it – they couldn’t snipe him, or club him, or even rush him.


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I’ve been super-duper busy. I work the 12 hour night shift, Wednesday through Friday and every other Saturday. Again, the pay is great, the work isn’t that hard, but the people … wow.

Yeah. That bad.
So Obama won the election. I pretty much predicted that back in July, when Romney failed to bypass Obama in the polls. People just couldn’t get behind Romney enough to help him win it. Fox News with Karl Rove had a literal meltdown on live TV, which was fantastic. We also got our very first openly lesbian Congress person. And Colorado, Washington and Oregon legalized possession of weed. It was a fun election. Thank God it’s all over.

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Are almost over, thankfully. No more stories about defections, or throwing matches, or medal counts, or screw-ups.

I want to ride my bicycle! I want to ride my bike!

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I’m sorry I haven’t been more active lately, but I have a few things going on. The first is that I’ve been tapped to be a creative writer for the Serpent’s Tongue game, so I’m spending a lot of my free time working on that stuff. The second is that I am presently in the process of getting a new job – I have the offer, but I have to pass the ridiculously long background checks for it to remain on the table.

Two things, both Batman-related:

1. Rush Limbaugh – my favorite Republican idiot talkshow host – decided he, too, wanted to jump on the Mitt Romney Bane/Bain discussion. What I find funny is that he did it without a sense of humor. Most people are approaching this with a sense of humor. Hell, even the Obama people have hinted it’s a funny coincidence, on the humorous side of politics (which actually impressed me so I laughed). Anyway, Limbaugh took it seriously, and some people made fun of him in return. Of course, some of Rush’s douchebaggy fans are now bagging on everyone with a sense of humor, because they have none (like that dude JohnK in the comments). It’s really too bad, because the satire and humor of the entire thing is lost on these sourpusses. The rest of us can laugh, because Rush Limbaugh is a running joke himself.

2. Some fool in Aurora, Colorado went all Bain in a midnight showing of Dark Knight Rises. Killed 12 people. Booby-trapped his apartment. What a whackjob. But that’s about all I’ll say about that – no name dropping from me. Fucker doesn’t deserve to be recognized by the media, but lo-and-behold, ABC rushes to identify him to everyone. So he’s literally famous now. >_<



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They Will Love and Tolerate the Shit Out of You

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RIP American Bandstand

Dick Clark died this morning of a heart attack.

Yet another guy from my youth that is dead. OMG I’m OLD!

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Journalist Mike Wallace died this weekend at the age of 93. I actually briefly – very briefly – bumped into him in Italy while he was waiting for General Allen to return from Bosnia (I hadn’t been there yet). I was hanging around in the concourse when he asked me if I felt like talking to him, and I told him that I didn’t want to ruin his interesting questions with my mediocre answers. He said this to me:

Modesty is a boring virtue.

I found it to be extremely witty and true. My father used to watch him on 60 Minutes all the time. I remember him being one of the last good journalists. God rest his soul. He made it all the way to 93, despite battling depression and boredom.

Well, as Gingrich realizes his ship is sinking, he’s made a good case for Romney winning the GOP nomination. Which – to Rick Santorum‘s dismay – means this primary is almost over. It’s the slow death now – even I agree with the head of the DNC Debbie Schultz (and I mostly hate that woman) that the GOP’s sole focus is to wreck the economy and piss off the voters. I doubt the GOP and the Tea Party have much of a future now.

For all those Sony PS3 fans who spammed me forever ago when I posted in their fanatical site about how shitty Sony has become – VINDICATION. There’s also rumors how the company did this in preparation for claiming bankruptcy. Which would kill any further Playstation projects. XBox and Wii for the win.

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As Mitt Romney kicked it straight in the nuts with a huge win in Florida. It wasn’t just a small win – it was a double digit, 200k+ voter win. And I listened to retards all weekend talk about how Newt was a sure win. Moooooorrrrooooonnnssss!

What’s worse is that Newt Gingrich completely acted like a sore loser. He’s in it until he totally ruins any chance any of the candidates have to beat Barack Obama.

It kills me that there are “analysts*” who think that Newt’s ex-wife debacle didn’t have an impact on his run. Uh, women ditched him to vote for Romney in Florida. It was rather striking, honestly. I’d say that his past life will come back to haunt him horribly in the next election in Nevada and then up north.

I hope that Rick Santorum comes back to steal 2nd place from Newt (even though I really detest the Bible-thumper). I just want Gingrich to get the message – you are an embarassment. And everyone who thinks you are great should realize what terrible people they are and how they fucked the GOP by giving Obama every advantage in 2012. EVERY advantage.

And Ron Paul has no chance in Hell of winning now. He should give up while he still has something of his reputation left. Whatever that is.

* There’s this guy on Fox News – maybe you know who I speak of – that said that there’s nothing that can touch Gingrich in this Primary. That his ex-wife actually helped his campaign. For the record, Fox News should not only fire this guy, but set him on fire on live television. Same goes for all analysts who seem to have an “in” on this Primary, because about 80% of them are constantly wrong.

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Okay, now you’ve heard him officially say it five times. Can we please leave this motherfucker well enough alone? I’m sure he’s tired of answering the same question the same way a million times in a row a day. Fattie’s tired of refusing your lame ass requests. If your party can’t win the election because the worst governor thief in the history of GOP history won’t run, then you’re in big trouble anyway.

In more important news, Leonard Nimoy is no longer attending Star Trek conventions. Now, can we leave Spock alone already? Thank you. Live long and prosper, Mr. Nimoy.

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