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I never liked Bush on most of his policies, but I did like his attempt at trying to fix the immigration issue. He and several other Republicans are correct – if the Tea Party doesn’t get their heads out of their collective butts, anyone related to the “GOP conservative” cause is going to lose out on every Hispanic vote in the country.

That’s what’s wrong with the Tea Party – they cater to racists, bigots and idiots. There may be sensible people that want to believe the Tea Party can be the grassroots movement that can lift the GOP up out of the hole, but the reality is that they pander to the people with money.

And those people tend to be racists, bigots and idiots.

Heritage Action for America is a load of crap, too. Don’t associate with those morons. They’re about as racist and horrible as you can get without being Nazis.

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Etch A Epitaph

The guy who invented the Etch A Sketch is dead. RIP

Everyone who has watched Jackie Chan flicks should know this is a top secret ploy for him to infiltrate the government and reveal their corruption from within. SUPERCOP! LOL

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Only in Tennessee

Would being gay considered a “self injury” situation.

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I’ve been super-duper busy. I work the 12 hour night shift, Wednesday through Friday and every other Saturday. Again, the pay is great, the work isn’t that hard, but the people … wow.

Yeah. That bad.
So Obama won the election. I pretty much predicted that back in July, when Romney failed to bypass Obama in the polls. People just couldn’t get behind Romney enough to help him win it. Fox News with Karl Rove had a literal meltdown on live TV, which was fantastic. We also got our very first openly lesbian Congress person. And Colorado, Washington and Oregon legalized possession of weed. It was a fun election. Thank God it’s all over.

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Last Day of Days

So I’m returning to my old corporation on Wednesday, and today is the last day I work for West slash AT&T.

Not everyone I worked with was God-awful bad. In fact, most of the engineers I worked with were great people. They are the best team I’ve ever worked with, honestly. However, this place is slow death – little pay for a ton of responsibility; clients and our bosses being completely uncooperative; and basically the worst work environment ever (bad access, terrible machines, shitty cubicles).

But I’m going to a place where – when I worked there – my team sucked. The environment was awesome, the pay was awesome, but the people were literally making me pull my hair out.  I hope that I enjoy my new team more and that this team hasn’t raised my expectations too high as far as personalities and fun go.

I won’t miss Raymond, though. Of that I am certain, LOL

Mitt Romney made another huge gaff on the podium. He brought up the fact that Big Business is doing fine, with all it’s tax loopholes and off-shore accounts. Which then brings attention back to his Bain connections and how out-of-touch rich he is. And Ryan’s sexist comments are not going away (nor is his connections with the Missouri dude who used “legitimate rape” and bad science in a speech).

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Because he’s a fountain of entertainment. He stumbles through speeches like he’s new to this and the results are just about as fun as the Bushisms.

He can’t even get the slogan about Obama – going from an administration of Hope and Change to an adminstration of Loss and Blame – right. OMG I laughed. My twenty or thirty GOP buddies in Iowa who went to see him were extremely disappointed in him. Not willing to vote for Romney because of Paul Ryan, anyway.  My dad is once again throwing up his hands and saying he’s going to stay away from voting again. >_<

Yeah, sorry. He’s almost enough to make me vote for Obama because at least Biden isn’t a stuttering asshole. LOL

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Really Mitt? Really???

So if you haven’t heard (because it was just put out there this morning), Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his VP running mate.

I’m thinking that the Republicans are truly trying to fuck themselves up for every Presidential election. I can’t come up with any other reason. Choosing a Tea Party guy when you’re an old fashioned Republican is like saying, “I’m pandering now, because I really suck as a candidate.” It’s not working with me, at all. There’s too great a divide between regular conservatives and the Tea Party. Trying to bridge that gap only turns off the other half of the electorate.

It didn’t take all but 20 minutes before Ryan said something complete stupid in front of cameras. I’ll give it to the guy that he’s honest, but being honest about wanting to screw over students and old people (your two most active voting groups) with more taxes for the middle class is NOT A WINNING STRATEGY. Someone should have learned from the Sarah Palin failure that you must coach these people what not to say or do during a campaign. *facepalm*

So now it looks like you got a super rich guy who wants to cut taxes even more for the rich and a far right nutjob who doesn’t understand economics or how to appeal to a large electorate running together on the same ticket. Way to go, Mitt – why not just hand Obama his second term today?

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The 1% vs The 1%

We had this discussion the other day (last Thursday) at work. The final conclusion was this:

The US  Occupy Movement is mostly 1% of the 99% of which it represents. It is not the entire 99% – it’s part of the 99%. That is, it’s part of the US population that is not the top 1% that have all the money. But is it truly representative of the other 99%? I mean, isn’t that their slogan? We are the 99%?

And that’s where I think things sort of come off the tracks for the Occupy Movement. They aren’t 10% of the 99%, or 5% of the 99%. They are technically closer to 1% of the 99%. So that means it’s 1% of activist Americans vs 1% of richer Americans. Because the other 98% either doesn’t care or thinks the Occupy people are lazy, crazy, etc. I think probably 90% of the 98% are just apathetic – only the Rush Limbaugh and/or Glenn Beck fanatics, or the 8%, think the Occupy Movement is stupid, lazy and anti-American.

But the reality holds. I don’t think the US Occupy Movement has over 400k active sit-in supporters (which would make it closer to 2%), so it’s 1% vs 1%. And that’s why I didn’t like the new Batman movie that much – it made the Occupy Movement look like terrorists. I mean, wasn’t that a point of Ras Al Ghul’s daughter’s movement? Make the rich share the wealth and be like everyone else (poor and miserable)?

Except let’s go an extra step further and force the rich to be tried by a madman and walk out on the ice where they die? Because that’s what the unsatisfied activist aka Occupy Whatever in America wants – to kill the rich and cause chaos by burning down Gotham (or New York, or wherever). So they have to be saved by a rich man in a batsuit (aka someone like … oh, I don’t know … Mitt Romney or Chris Christie).

That’s what the newest Batman is teaching younger kids, whether Batman fans like it or not.

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I met up with an old co-worker to catch up and have a beer. We talked about how Omaha is FAIL, and other stuff. When we got to the theater massacre, he got rather lively.

“Let me just say this: people who think taking guns away will stop this crap? No. Unless you plan to dig a hole in Idaho and live in it forever, you’ll never stop crazy. That’s what this is – plain crazy. You can’t take away crazy. So taking guns means that crazy guy is going to go to a black market and get a gun or use the Internet to make one. And he’ll shoot unarmed people who can’t protect themselves because we took all the guns away. Retarded is what people are who think banning anything works to stop crazy. Prohibition anyone?”

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