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Most of you know that I supported Serpent’s Tongue on Kickstarter a few months ago, and I’ve contributed my writing and design skills to the Gabrielsons so that they can get their game off the ground. I really enjoy helping companies – such as Fantasy Flight Games and WorldWork Games – complete playtests and come up with new ideas for their initial game designs. So I keep an eye on Kickstarter, because some really good games are coming out through that site, and it’s great to get in on the ground level to help new game designers get their product to market. It’s win-win.

Which brings me to my new fascination – Story Realms. Here’s their Kickstarter. Story Realms is a new role-playing game that goes back to the basics in terms of playing games, in that it completely relies on players working together to tell a great story. It’s very family friendly and works with children at young ages. I find the system intriguing and the art breath-taking. The designers keep everyone up to-date using YouTube and emails. Their blog (which I linked you to first) is a great way to learn about their background and their love of gaming.

Most of you know I own about 70+ board and role-playing games, and I continuously look for new ways to spin out fun to people I play games with. I’m also the father of a three year-old that hopes that one day, my son will play games with me. Story Realms may be that one way I can connect with him and teach him the thrill and fun of role-playing. My wife will probably also play – she loves games that tap into the imagination. Being centered on the story-telling world itself, it has a lot of great potential for campaigns and adventures.

So if you’re looking for a game that is simplistic but full of potential, you still have a few days to invest. You might want to drop $100 on it so you can get everything they are offering – they have reached the $60k goal and are working towards getting $70k to make everything hardcover. Your participation would be greatly appreciated.

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Cougar Dating

Man, nothing like coming back after a weekend of crazy fun to find my main email box getting spam mail (in the Spam folder, of course) from Cougar Dating. With a message like, “SEARCH A THOUSAND SINGLE WOMEN,” as the tagline, what could possibly stop me from surfing the site?

Oh, right. COUGARS. As in women at least five to ten years older than me. I mean, I look okay for my age as I near 40, but holy crap. The woman in the ad looks … old old. LOL


Oh, and I got some more flak from the dickheads about Rush Limbaugh’s retarded comments lately about how John Stewart and Steveb Colbert should consider themselves serious journalists since a lot of people watch them and they talk about real events. Uh, two things, assholes -

1. They are on Comedy Central. Not CNN or Fox or MSNBC.
2. They are comedians. Not journalists. In fact, both of them operate on situational, observational comedy. So they like to talk about how insane real events are.

JFC, people. You are just as bad as Glenn Beck here. The word Nazi came up twenty-six times in eleven emails when you talked about President Obama (yes, he’s President Obama, not Mr. Obama. I did not call Bush “Mr. Bush” even though I hated him). Thanks for the entertainment, being as you are fucking morons, but wow. LOL

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Well, prior to the San Diego Comic Con, intrepid creator of Babylon 5 J Michael Straczynski told all his fans via a short announcement that he was having a meeting of the clans to talk about all new, exciting developments at SDCC 2012. This, of course, started a giant rumor mill going about what the meeting could be about, so people flocked to his panel thing and eagerly anticipated (from what I could tell by the giant amount of happy) the announcement of the restart of Babylon 5.

Well, not to burst their bubble too much, there was no news about anything Babylon 5. Instead, he mentioned three things:

1.  He was going to start directing a new show on Starz Network called Vlad.
2.  He was bringing all the smaller offspring of his multi-mini studios back under one roof. Consolidating the projects, I guess.
3. He was going to start a new comic series called the Majestic Files about the Roswell incident from the aliens’ point of view.

And that was about it. There was more interesting news, such as Marvel re-assigning all the best talent to some of the more exciting books (such as Daredevil and Winter Soldier). DC showed us some Man of Steel footage. We saw what everyone wanted to see – Batman getting his ass handed to him by Bane in the last Dark Knight trailer. There was a trailer by Disney to a movie called Oz, the Great and Powerful, about the Wizard’s arrival and participation in the world of Oz that leads up to the  old Wizard of Oz movie. And finally we got some info about Iron Man 3, Fringe, Doctor Who (goodbye Rory) and My Little Pony (who is getting their own comic book whut?).

By far the worst thing to happen at SDCC was that they were so verbal and intense about the release of the new Twilight trailer that so many Twilight fans showed up and one got hit and killed by an automobile while crossing the street. A ton of web-presences thought that one less Twilight fan was good news, but in reality, it’s really sad. That was someone’s kid right there.

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I replied to one thing about Penny Arcade on Twitter.

Boop, a billion people either angry or confounded with Penny Arcade’s Kickstarter stunt are @emceekhan-ing me in their Tweets.

Now everyone who follows me is undulated with my responses to all those Tweets.



(I am LOLing so hard right now)

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I’m puttering around the Internets at work, looking for a good DJ shirt to wear when hanging out with Mike and all my other DJ friends. I mean, I’ve DJ’ed quite a bit lately, so I’ve been trying to find something that’s different than “IMMA DJ – I DOAN DO REQUESTS!” that all the other dudes wear.

Someone just suggested Vinyl Scratch. If you don’t know who that is, let me show you.

Vinyl Scratch is a My Little Pony DJ

So I was surfing around, and Mike was surfing around, and Mike sends me this Q message (it’s a valid thing to do – he sits clear across the room from me) -

Mike: Hey found ur shirt
Mike: http://somepony.spreadshirt.com/vinyl-scratch-dj-pon-3-A7816489
Me: Do I look like a furry to you?
Mike: u know the mlp people, right?
Mike: that makes u a furry brony
Me: How do you know about bronies?
Mike: o fuck i’ve been found out
<Mike has left Q Messenger>


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I think this webcomic says it rather nicely:

Candi is a webcomic by Starline Hodge – another comic artist that I’ve met and consider an acquaintence even though we haven’t really spoken much. I read the comic because I know and support the person. Candi is somewhere between a good read and a casual read for me.

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I love it when someone accuses me of trying to sound “pseudo-intellectual” when all I was trying to do was write something well.

That’s usually the attack of someone who felt my writing made them sound bad/inferior. That’s not my point, but if you felt that way, then maybe you should look at why you feel that way. Perhaps you should try to write something well, instead of cramming as many words into a post as you possibly can while considering profanity as appropriate “constructive criticism.” I’m not making you sound bad or seem less intellectual – you are doing that on your own.

And I had to rib the poor person (Izeya) about it. I told him/her that I apologized for trying to write well and keep my posts readable, and that I would lower myself to their standards to get my point across from now on.  I was making this face the entire time, too.


Honestly, I love trolls and this one might actually erupt spectacularly at my suggestion. LOL

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Than the webcomics they are trolling.

I used to read Las Lindas weekly, but I found I had too many other comics to keep up with along with all my work, so I switched to a monthly look-see schedule. Just recently, a friend who is also a fan of Las Lindas told me to go and read the comments left by not-fans in the last few weeks. They said it might help me write some more interesting observations for the APA board on Internet behavior. Boy, were they right. I LOL’ed a lot.

I also tried to be helpful in a nice way, but got literally attacked by the troll as a “white knight” of the artist. Wait – how did my waning interest in the comic itself translate into being a huge fan? I realized that the five or six trolls (it may seem like more, but one guy keeps using alts to post the same complaints/insults) don’t want to hear, “If you hate it, that’s fine – go find a comic you do like and use your energy there to promote it. It would be more appreciated.”

The problem with most of the people’s critizisms with Las Lindas is that they aren’t really constructive. What they are is incredibly insulting and profanity filled. Guess what, people? That doesn’t work. You can only effect change if you use constructive criticizism. Saying, “Your comic has gone to shit” is not constructive. A lot of those people then hid behind saying something along the lines that they were being attacked by fans for being adequately “critical” about the comic. To those people, you weren’t being critical – you were hiding like cowards and went on the defensive when people called you on your – excuse my language – bullshit.

I could also sense that some thought their attacks on the fans would somehow bring about the downfall of the comic and get it off the Web. That doesn’t work, by the way. You’d have better luck successfully flying to the moon with a rocket strapped to your ass and a fishbowl on your head. Trying to rip the rug out from under a webcomic does not work. Go check out that website I’ve mentioned in the past – Your Webcomic is Bad, and You Should Feel Bad. Oh wait – you can’t. That was an attempt by the founder to run Penny Arcade, Dominic Deegan and a few other sites they hated off the Net. Guess what? The comics are still there years later. GG, dudes, but you lost. Lost your website, as well. LOL

On that same note, fanatical fans should probably keep the vitrol to a minimum when defending their favorite comics. Using profanity or trolling tactics in the reverse does nothing to deter morons. Trust me – I’ve played both sides of that argument, and it doesn’t pay to fight fire with fire. All that happens is everyone gets burned in the end.  Just ignore them and laugh at them on the forums. “Haters gonna hate” goes both ways.

Anyway, reading those comments was entertaining during my downtime. Thanks for the laughs. I’m sorry that they won’t take my words of advice because they are either too entrenched in hating something or they are too stupid to listen. I’ll be here later – you can leave your apology in my comments. XD

EDIT: I found the evolved version of “Your Webcomic is Bad.” It’s a wikia page now –> Bad Webcomic Wikia. I mean, it’s actually hilarious in most of the entries. There are some good, valid points which are buried under a ton of bad, poorly written points. The gold is buried in the crap (although the ridiculous crap can be extremely funny to read).

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I LOL’ed.

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