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So, LEGO is making this thing. It’s called Monster Fighters.

My take is that it’s a 1800’s steampunk League of Extraordinary Gentlemen type thing. With both monsters and their hunters.


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They Will Love and Tolerate the Shit Out of You

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So, my interview is finally up at No Prisoners No Mercy.

It was a lot of fun to talk the Sisters and I really enjoyed the topics of discussion. It was a privilage to be showcased as “someone important” from Iron Man Mode and in the name of the Child’s Play charity.  You should listen to more than my show, though – they do an awesome job of talking to a lot of industry professionals and covering news topics.

I have to admit, I cringed a lot while listening to myself nerd out about everything. You can laugh at the monkey while you listen and I won’t blame you at all. LOL

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Despite some large hurdles (such as the ban of a stalker victim due to spam or the poor planning of a game company with a kickass idea), Kickstarter has made some of my personal favorites possible. Here’s three projects I helped fund -

= Wasteland 2 =
I played the original Wasteland on my Apple IIc back in the day and was just amazed at Brian Fargo’s depth in an RPG. I even made a Wasteland pen and paper RPG because I loved the entire scenario. Now it’s a reality – 382% funded, with over $3m pledged. The original goal was $900k.

= The Banner Saga =
This reminds me of the old Don Bluth animation, and the gameplay concept is well-designed. I get to be a viking king! Now a reality – 690% funded with over $600k. The original goal was $100k. Now it will have ORCHESTRAL music. Hot damn!

= Steve Jackson’s Ogre =
I’ve played the old 1980’s game. I’ve played the board game. I’ve played the miniature game. Just something about playing a giant AI driven monster tank and crushing tiny units trying to stop you. And now the tanks are punch out, 3D things.  Now a reality – 1,194% funded (holy f’ing shit) with over $230k. The original goal was $20k.

There’s others that I may back, such as the Shadowrun game. I hear IndiGoGo is also doing very well.

We revamped the Iron Man Mode website. By we, I mean Zeke. And by “Zeke”, I mean whoever Zeke conned into revamping the website for him. The SW:TOR blog came to an end, and Allahweh probably has a wrap-up coming for that.

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RIP American Bandstand

Dick Clark died this morning of a heart attack.

Yet another guy from my youth that is dead. OMG I’m OLD!

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And it’s now up for reading at Iron Man Mode.


Feel free to comment. NOTE: That guy I talk about? The guy with the expensive sunglasses? He’s actually from my last workplace at FDR. I hated that guy. A lot. He was an asshole. LOL

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Here’s a little mapping tool to tell you where not to go when the Zombie Apocalypse starts.

For example, when I type my address into the bar at the top, I see that I’m just inside a pink (danger) zone. It’s maybe a minute to a non-pink (safer) zone, which is good. If I can just move outside the pink area, I’ll be within driving range of food and gas, but just outside the range of mass roamers. Everyone else farther east … pfft. They’re screwed.

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And to quote him directly from his stump speech last year in December:

“Thank God for the little miracles!”

It looks like the Veepstakes have begun. And if he wants a serious chance, Romney better not pick someone like RON PAUL or RICK PERRY as his VP.

Despite the intention to roll forward, I think this circus has hurt the GOP. They seriously need to kick it up a notch, and get their people in Congress to stop f##king around.

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Journalist Mike Wallace died this weekend at the age of 93. I actually briefly – very briefly – bumped into him in Italy while he was waiting for General Allen to return from Bosnia (I hadn’t been there yet). I was hanging around in the concourse when he asked me if I felt like talking to him, and I told him that I didn’t want to ruin his interesting questions with my mediocre answers. He said this to me:

Modesty is a boring virtue.

I found it to be extremely witty and true. My father used to watch him on 60 Minutes all the time. I remember him being one of the last good journalists. God rest his soul. He made it all the way to 93, despite battling depression and boredom.

Well, as Gingrich realizes his ship is sinking, he’s made a good case for Romney winning the GOP nomination. Which – to Rick Santorum‘s dismay – means this primary is almost over. It’s the slow death now – even I agree with the head of the DNC Debbie Schultz (and I mostly hate that woman) that the GOP’s sole focus is to wreck the economy and piss off the voters. I doubt the GOP and the Tea Party have much of a future now.

For all those Sony PS3 fans who spammed me forever ago when I posted in their fanatical site about how shitty Sony has become – VINDICATION. There’s also rumors how the company did this in preparation for claiming bankruptcy. Which would kill any further Playstation projects. XBox and Wii for the win.

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