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Well, he didn’t say that, but he did win Michigan and Arizona. I did predict that, so I feel vindicated. The funny thing is that I’ve not heard how Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich did in either race. It’s like they dropped off the face of the Earth (not really, I think they like banded together to stop the Legion of Doom). But it all comes down to who has 1144 delegates in the GOP primary, and we’re looking at Mitt Romney with 130-ish and Ricky Santorum with 72. Looooong way to go.

Colossal did point out something interesting though – it would be funny to see Santorum win, because then the GOP would get STOMPED by Obama in November. I whole-heartedly agree. Moderate independents are the majority nowadays, and they don’t vote for morons like Santorum for President.

Romney, on the other hand, has the best chance against Barrack. He’s the GOP moderate image of Obama. I’d like it to be a GOOD race for once, instead of a flapping head contest. Chances are the latter is still going to take precedence, though.

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Well, that’s not what he said, but it’s what he implied.

I wonder how Lord Omlette is going to react to that. Here’s the JLP equation I’m used to:

A) Lord Omlette hates Governor Chris Christie.
B) Lord Omlette dislikes Warren Buffett.

So if Buffett totally pwns Chris Christie in an amusing and practical way that is utterly humiliating to Christie, how does Lord Omlette reconcile that in his head? Does he start liking Warren Buffett? Would his head explode? LOL

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If you ever see this, I’m sorry about someone going ballistic on your pony-Garrus cake. I mean, what a douche. I personally think the cake is cool and all that.

This is why we can’t have nice things on the Internet. Some random weirdo comes over and text-urinates all over our stuff. :(

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If any of you have been actually paying attention lately, I’ve been playing a game for Iron Man Mode for the Child’s Play charity for 2012. It’s Virtual Village 4, and I’m like almost done with that one. My next game to tackle will be Star Trek Online, in which I shall take my Commander through the missions I’ve already defeated in Hard difficulty. I could have done it starting at the beginning, but suddenly becoming the captain of a Starfleet starship while I’m still a Lieutenant seems rather … silly. It makes more sense to level up to Commander and then go back and start over with some experience!

As if that wasn’t pressure enough, Zeke took up the offering of Allahweh to do a Star Wars: The Old Republic blog. And a Let’s Play video series. Allahweh is a rather active female game reviewer and gamer who does ten times more junk on the Net than I do. She makes ME look lazy. So now there’s a woman writing for the site. If you were waiting for a female to join the fun before you gave money or started reading, you have no further excuses. However, she’s now upped the ante, as I think she issued me a secret challenge in her writing. I’m all “Ooooooo, more fun!” and I think she’s like, “COME AT ME BRO!” so this may be a looooooong year of writing for me. LOL

Anyway, stop by Iron Man Mode when you get the chance and catch up on some reading. Maybe join that other guy whose name I forget’s call to join up on EVE Online to commit mass suicide in the name of charity if anything. And give. Please give. Think of the children!

PS. Hey Colossal, you should come do your Let’s Play thing over on IMM. At least you’d have more exposure. I INVITE YOU because the more the merrier, they say. ;)

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Another awesome comment that I must post for entertainment value. This one is from Tom Grath, on the last Santorum post I made:

“You seem unable to grasp the obveous, bro. Rick Santorum is the next President of the United States. God is on his side, and liberlistic heathens like u will be the first in the fires* when he wins.

“So take yur weak shit elsewhere, you piece of shit and acknowledge the truth – liberl atheist assholes are gonna die and America is going to belong to the true Christians again. Fuck you, and fuck you people who are pro-birth control. Georgia should haev gone through with the invasive sonagrams and now New Hampshire be bringing teh pain to you abortion loving turds.

“And shut your f**king mouth about Rick Santorum, or I’ll come shut it for u, bitch.”

Wow. Stay classy, Tom. And maybe lern2spell, thnx.



* Apparently, the image of Rick Santorum as another Hitler seems appropriate here. As if that will make me change my mind about him.

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Why Intelligence Matters

You’d think that Rick Santorum would be intelligent enough to realize and prepare to respond to the whole Satan speech he gave in the past. Not only was he not prepared, he was in denial. With the Arizona debate being critical at this point, he better hope that he doesn’t say something else religiously embarassing (I don’t care if he’s talking from his heart or his ass, it’s totally inappropriate).

I’ve always thought that SCIENCE!!! should somehow directly impact me in a positive way. Like this shiz right here! Self-driving car? Hell yes!

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When I’m not trying to drive myself crazy playing Virtual Villagers 4 for charity, I’m playing the Star Trek Online MMO. It’s gotten to the point I’m ignoring finishing Skyrim and Saint’s Row the Third so I can try to reach a pinnacle career as a Starfleet Captain.

I can’t explain exactly why it’s a great game or so engaging for me. Save I love the fact I’m getting better at starship combat and I love pimping out my starship. I love sending Duty Officers out to do random assignments to bring me in XP, Energy and Dilithium even when I’m not playing. I love sailing around beautiful worlds, through huge asteroid fields and into Starbases.

The downside – in my opinion – is the Away Team missions. They fall a little flat for me. Not that they are unbearable, because I get some crazy stuff to recycle/sell that helps me buy new stuff for my starship. They just feel … less fun than starship combat. I have primed my Away team for max survival. My tactical first officer is a killer; my engineer is a shield-boostin’, turret-droppin’ fool; science officer #1 is a buff/debuffer; and science officer #2 is a powerful healer/status remover. Captain Orlan (me) is the only weak link in the chain – I chose Tactical Officer because it boosts my starship abilities, but in all honesty, my Ground skills suck. I have a few grenades and a sweep ability, but they don’t actually improve our odds. At most, I spam the plasma rifle for distance, and the over-powered disrupter pistol up close.

The entire thing was made 100% better when I got a rare drop of a Disruptor turret that does 150 DPS. Being Starfleet means all the enemies you face are more resistant to phasers (Starfleet’s beloved starship weapon), so firing every other blast with a green disruptor turret is like extremely helpful. Bye bye enemy shields! Hello torpedo barrage to the naked hull! My science officer skills are extremely helpful here, jamming up the enemy targeting systems!

I sorta did a mid-game jump in what kind of ship I want to actually run in the end game. I started with the standard escort, migrated to science vessel (to attack subsystems) and then went to the cruiser build. I think I’m sticking to the cruiser route – I love me huge starships with bulk weapon slots, consoles and hull points. Of course, I’m pretty good at the whole “circle the enemy and broadside them to death” method. Which is the best strategy for a Cruiser.

I’m looking at the Captain level ships and drooling already. When I reach the Rear Admiral level, I can use the ship I was given for the Anniversary.

Who wouldn't want to command one of these bad boys?

 I will admit, I am using the Wiki more than I should, but it’s all for the best. I don’t want to perish in the cold, cold vacuum of space (I haven’t died yet!)

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I’m Tired

Anyone else tired? I think it’s the lack of good sleep lately. I sleep hard for a few hours, then I wake up for no reason whatsoever (although I feel like I’m getting ready to grab some assassin’s arm and kill him), and then I go back to sleep. I’d like some uninterrupted sleep, thank you. Maybe it’s the weather. Or the air quality. Or something.

Granted, it’s not every night, but it’s a few nights when I really want to get some decent rest.

The top search for my blog these last two weeks has been “cow cosplay.” I’m not sure why people are trying to locate cow cosplay, but they’ve come to this blog in search of it. I’m a bit weirded out. This is the Internet, after all, but I really don’t want to learn what strange, deviant behavior people are into. Knowing what NekoDiamyo and Jean Luc Pikachu/Lord Omlette are into is plenty for me.

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I just had to say that because everyone else I know online seems to be doing podcast interviews. I’d probably come off as a total spaz if I did one, but if you like people going a little nuts on your podcasts, I volunteer to do it for free. Lulz.

So Rick Santorum. He won the Minnesota primary, the state that Michele Bachmann was supposed to win. Ask me if I’m surprised. Do it! (The answer is NO, in case you are confused, although I predicted a Gingrich win before he became the most despised man in the primary) Mitt still leads the delegate race, and will probably do better in the Northwest and the West Coast, where the numbers are huge. I expect the second place winner of the GOP nomination to be Ron Paul. I expect Newt Gingrich to DIAF drop out on Super Tuesday. It’s just Rick Santorum’s turn to surge, since Gingrich, Paul, Cain and Bachmann all had their turn in the limelight. Eventually, when the delegates finish voting, I doubt they’ll choose “Ricky.” LOL

If I learned anything about this year’s Primary, it’s that the GOP has no clue who should be their nominee. And that the GOP is all about electing trending pop stars. Or hookers. Or crazy people. Half the party is religious NeoCon retards, and the other half is just retarded period.

Oh, I wanted to say something about video games. What was it what was it …? Hmmmm. Oh! It was about this thing this guy said at GDC about how stories are a waste of time in video games. He said it’s stunting the growth of the industry. Well, I have something to say to him (and the biased author of that article on 1-Up:

“If your point is that when game developers put story ahead of the gameplay gaming suffers, then yes, I agree. But I don’t think that’s what he’s saying. What Jeff is trying to say is that stories are not important AT ALL to the gaming industry. And that’s flat-out wrong. Multiplayer combat games are a genre of their own, so story is not important there. But even they are declining in players, mostly because either the developers are ruining the genre by saturating the market with so many FPS multiplayer games or the games they put out require me to pay $9 a month to get patches and maps when I already pay $15 for my online subscription on a console, and then another $40 on my actual Internet connection.

“Stories make awesome games. Look at the Mass Effect series. Look at Gears of War. Look at Metal Gear Solid. Look at Dragon Age. Look at most MMOs. Look at anything RPG that’s sold more copies than MW4. Those things tell elegant stories and had excellent concept art and other things tied into the whole creation of the game. Granted, I won’t play those games as much as the multiplayer genre, but the fact is -


“Fuck that, I’m almost tired of MW4, Battlefield 3 and other multiplayer FPS/RTS games. Those games require my interaction with hooting dickholes on a regular basis. If the gamer community is slowly converting into just blaring assholes with a microphone and an XBox/PS3/PC, then screw that. Fat, lazy morons living with their mommies and retarded button-mashing, sploit-using kiddies play games in communities like that. Jeff should start his own company and get ignored like the lazy, half-assed developer that he is.”


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