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I’m not hanging out at the ClanBOB forums anymore because I got tired of it being me vs whoever when it came to discussions that were supposedly open-minded and fair. I had my opinions, and they had theirs, but instead of going, “Hey, let’s talk about this like civilized people,” it was, “The majoirty of us like A and you hate A and like B. So we’ll jump on you as a whole if you criticize A and then argue with someone else about that.”

The other thing was I got tired of Inferno’s elitism. Hey, I liked some of the BOBs – you, Dex, Desp, Agent, Gharbad, Esuna, Xae, Mim, etc. It’s just not conductive to my interests to hang out there anymore. I found another forum to hang out with. A forum that is a little more honest and a little less neurotic in terms of explosive subjects.

And it’s free of Inferno. I could tolerate just about anyone – even uber-religious, Conservative Steltek – save Inferno. And Keigo. They can go fuck themselves and each other honestly. Since they like to kiss each other’s asses on IRC and in PMs and in games and whatever. LOL

Do tell those who ask from ClanBOB that I was friends with that I hope they are doing well and that I hope they stay well. Say hi for me.

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Ratfist Rocks

I’ve been having some pretty philosophical discussions with Ratfist creator Doug TenNapel. Some of them include:

- The role of science and religion in society.
– Etymology of the English language.
– Ultra-Cons vs regular moderate Conservatives.
– Climate change.
– What angels would really look like and why.
– Optimism vs realism.

Granted, this is mostly in the comments below the comic, with a dozen other people. But Doug and the readers are probably some of the more engaging people I’ve ever discussed anything with. You can tell that half of this crowd is actually intellectual. And he actually responds to most conversations, taking time to actually contribute personally.

Which is the sign of a great artist. Those who take time to integrate themselves with their readers and actively participate usually succeed where other comic people fail. Granted, he’s a bit of a Conservative dick argumentative person, but that’s nothing new or unusual. XD

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Yes, please.

It’s been confirmed – Blood and Chrome will be about young William Adama during the later years of the first Cylon Wars. So we’ll get to see the big bad toasters that are wickedly dangerous fighting in large armies and the first vipers and battlestars doing their thing.

As long as they keep the religious angel thing out of this one, I’ll be gloriously happy. Otherwise, meh. Stop getting your religion in my peanut butter.

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General to Director

I’m not the only one who suspected David Petreaus’s political maneuvering. I think his reassignment as Director of the CIA is one way of removing him from trying to run as President farther down the line. The civilian hatred for the CIA coupled with the dramatic failures that are presently bogging the CIA will bring a lot of criticism to Petreaus, and possibly weaken him as any sort of Presidential candidate down the line.

And that’s all I got. A conspiracy for keeping him out of the Presidency. Because nothing else makes any sense whatsoever. I can’t come up with a reason for putting the present failure of a CIA Director in charge of the Pentagon, and putting the present failure of a commanding officer in Afghanistan in the charge of the CIA.


Also, Trump got Trumped when the President revealed his long-form birth certificate today. I mean, he tried to turn it into, “I ARE SO GUD FOR I GOTTED THIS DUN,” but really looks like, “Oh shit, uh, hmmm.” I’m pretty sure the racist birther movement is quite angry and upset that their fake reason for hating an African America President was finally proven a HOAX.

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How to Rickroll Government

Some politicians did it in the Ohio State senate.

Never gonna give it up.

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I once again had to step up and show my superior management skills (or SMS – pronounced sims by my VP) by looking into an incident that happened late yesterday/early this morning. Once again, our manager is not here – either sick or taking care of his sick wife – leaving me and the other Roger to fill in. I took the initiative on this one, since I hate having loose ends.

As Provisioning Engineers, we either turn-up new Internet connections or disconnect old Internet connections to the ATT cloud. That’s 80% of my job now – creating and deleting interfaces, ordering new circuits and directing on-site techs on how to ensure the client is up. I probably spend more time on the phone with the client than doing anything else. That’s our jobs, really.

We can cause issues, but one particular issue is considered bad bad bad. The Disconnect in Error, or DIE for short. That’s when we accidentally disconnect a client from the Internet without their official approval or a record to do so. This is why we double and triple check orders and the interfaces. If they are up, ping-able and passing traffic, we ask the Service Consultant or Specialist to confirm with the client. We also push it out to a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to make sure we’re doing it right.

Well, one of the PE’s had a DIE. Luckily, he kept all his emails and messenger files. It clearly shows the Service Consultant and Specialist at fault, because the SME and the PE were both led to believe it was okay to disconnect the client. So yesterday, the PE disconnected them. This morning, another PE had to turn the client back up, because the client wasn’t supposed to be down.

With the notes the PE took, I was able to formulate a proper response to upper management with proof that it wasn’t the PE’s fault. So the PE keeps his job or doesn’t get written up. Without those emails and messenger notes, I would have been dead in the water and the PE would probably be facing some harsh punishment.

So I say to all you programmers and engineers – take copious notes when you do something that impacts the client and you have a bad feeling about it. Because then we managers can step up and pull you out of the fire. I cannot stress how important it is to make that a part of your routine everyday.

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Presidential Campaign

If your strongest argument is you’re a great businessman, then you don’t need to be President.

Epecially if your hair is a comb-over. And you’re a mediocre gambler with real estate. And you’ve claimed bankruptcy … twice. And you have absolutely no idea what a President can do (hint – you can’t run around Congress telling people, “You’re fired.” ) And you obviously can’t tell fact from fiction, since Obama’s been proven to be a born US citizen.

To Sarah Palin:
If 90% of a state – even the Republicans – are pissed at the state’s governor and government, you don’t go there and say you’re proud of the governor and government. I don’t know who advises this woman, if anyone, but that was a really bad idea. Really bad. Like eating-glass bad (because eventually that “glass” will come back and shred your campaign from the inside out).

To Michelle Bachmann:
Hey, you know you probably should shut your pie hole when you start putting all non-Christians in the same bucket. Since you claimed once to be a Pagan. It even puts Christians off when you do that.

I guess I should say the Tea Party has truly gone astray. The so-called leaders of the Tea Party are total idiots and nutjobs. Thanks for helping the Democrats win 2012.

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Right here –> http://dubiousquality.blogspot.com/2011/04/granito.html

I love it. It’s great when you put something out there, a pretty popular and famous software developer and tester reads it, and then makes mention of it in his blog.


But seriously, it is a great story and I’m glad he took time from writing about console games to warn people of Comical Con-Artists. Also, you should read Bill’s blog. He’s very smart and funny. A great ANALYST of the gaming industry.

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To create something useful. Like art, or a good story, or a web application. When I stumble upon Wikis, I wonder if we really should be letting people who have the mental capacity of a frog run these things.

So I’m trolling my normal grounds looking for something to read, and I stumbled upon this wiki:

The Bad Webcomics Wiki

My first thought was, “Didn’t I once link something like this in my Idiot Boxes to Avoid widget down the page?” At that time, it was a blog called Your Webcomic is Bad and You Should Feel Bad. That was both a hilarious and retarded attempt at criticizing webcomics. It read like it was written by someone with the spelling and grammar skills of a first-grader, but a vocabulary of your typical XBL Gold member (vulgar). Again, I assumed it was a joke, because it was God awful and had no idea WTF it was talking about 90% of the time. It was merely personal opinions that came from what I assume was a jealous kid who has absolutely no talent to draw or write a webcomic, so he retaliated by being an asshole who said bad things about artists.

Now I started to read this Wiki, thinking, “Okay, maybe this isn’t the same moron from the blog.” After reading the piece on Dominic Deegan and VG Cats, I realized it IS the same moron. Only now some much more comedic in the fact that his writing is worse and his opinions are even more biased than a room full of Republicans listening to Fox News.

Any comic artist who reads this wiki and sees their name on there shouldn’t take it personal. This guy and his friends running the Wiki are hacks, and they couldn’t make a webcomic people would like to save their lives. The only redeeming quality is the fact I laughed at the stupidity of it all when I read the reviews. My 20 month old son could write better reviews that made more sense and were actually valid.

Just another Idiot Box to Avoid, save to get a laugh.

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