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So I got this response to my Wikileaks post yesterday:

You show an alarming lack of concern for the recent Wikileaks dissemination of US diplomatic cables. The ramification of leaking classified documents from the military side is staggering. 

Look, I already discussed how I felt about this in previous posts, if someone would just do a SEARCH in my blog. I find Assange‘s disregard for putting people in harm’s way disgusting and somewhat criminal. He’s slowly turning himself into some sort of international vagabond, where he can’t actually go anywhere without being arrested (in fact, he loves to lie about where he’s going to hide out next).

There’s a lot more at stake here than the classified side of things – such as our international image.

Okay, as we’re now learning from watching Hillary Clinton and the rest of the world community react, no one is surprised or really gives a shit. In fact, a few have said, “Eh, no big deal, you should see what we say about you.” I’ve been waiting for some country to go, “OH NO YOU DINNIT!” and storm off like a spoiled child. No one has done it yet, and I don’t think anyone will – despite the desires of some that this becomes the biggest backlash since the Pentagon papers.

In fact, all this has really done is turned more countries against Assange. Really, this is how the game of Diplomacy* has been played for years, and when you fuck with it, the international community jumps all over your shit. My point is that that maybe he and his people should take some time to read through all the documents, take some names and items out of certain documents to protect people and then release them. Otherwise … you’re now essentially a terrorist in the eyes of the modern world. Regardless of your personal crusade.

Oh, and what I said about China distancing themselves from North Korea earlier? It appears I was right, despite all the “experts” telling us otherwise. So Fox News can go fuck itself.

* Go ahead and buy Diplomacy – the game owned by Avalon Hill, published by Hasbro. It’s really, really hard. And when you fuck with the balance of power in that game, don’t be surprised when the rest of the players/world jumps all over your shit. The people in power make the rules, baby.

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Diplomatic Wiki-Leaks

More Wiki-leak’ed stuff, this time about US diplomatic procedures.

I’m reaching this point where I don’t mind the Wiki-leak stuff, since it’s so redundant and not really revealing of anything we didn’t already know. Diplomats act as information gathers and possibly spies? Really??? It’s not even just the US – I can safely say that every UN country employs the same – if not more invasive or intense – procedures when dealing with other diplomats.

The UN password/biometrics thing? China’s been doing that with every visiting diplomat for over a decade, and Switzerland’s been tracking DNA on every diplomat that comes across the border since 2009. None of this is new. Give me something new to read, FFS.

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At work:

Meeting room 2, the blinds closed. Two flat screen monitors, two X Box 360’s. One is playing CoD: Black Ops in co-op zombie mode, the other is playing either Street Fighter or Dead Rising 2. The sign on the door reads, “Training in Session.” No one even looks in to see what’s going on in there.

We are geniuses to have coordinated this on Black Friday since AT&T is closed and we’d be sitting around doing nothing until we’re let go for the day.

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Of course, by now, everyone’s heard of North Korea’s attack on the South Korean island of Yeonpyeon (since the media won’t shut up about it). The island was heavily shelled by North Korea yesterday because they said they were “provoked” by South Korea not providing enough humanitarian aid.

Here’s how I see it – North Korea is facing a moment of weakened leadership and uncertainty as the nation’s people go starving. Meanwhile, Kim Il Jong is trying to ensure his son becomes his successor. There’s a struggle going on within North Korea which is becoming more and more apparent with each passing day.

In an effort to relieve the sanctions and force South Korea (and the US) to send free humanitarian aid (which then the leadership and army in North Korea will piss away while their people still starve to death), the DPRK is determined to make themselves appear more threatening. In their eyes, stoking war talk makes them seem more aggressive and in control. North Korea wants to initiate talks where they are in a position to call all the shots. They expect China to come running to their aid if they start hostilities against South Korea. They think everyone’s going to kowtow to their nuclear tests.

Despite all the incessant chatter of one* Chinese official and the ancient-thinking experts I’ve seen on the TV lately, I don’t think North Korea holds any cards other than their secret nuclear arsenal. In reality, I think they are bluffing on all accounts. I don’t believe China wants to come to their aid any more than we want to go to war with them. I believe they are merely trying to posture because all the world’s focus has shifted from them again. North Korea will do anything to stay in the news at this point – they are running out of food, money and internal loyalty.

My advice to the administration is to starve them out and call their bluff. Let’s see if China truly wants to upset trade in their own sea because North Korea’s being nutty again. I believe that conflict on the pennisula is inevitable at some point. We just want to be in a position where North Korea is weakened by their own hubris before the bullets start flying. Giving them anything is merely asking them to continue to be asshats and show-boaters.

* Possibly two or three Chinese party officials. I can’t tell them apart, honestly. However, from previous experiences, I know that most Chinese “party” officials reporting to the media their thoughts on how China will react to anything is usually way off from what China’s actually thinking. Same goes for these supposedly Korean experts that Fox News and CNN pull out of their ass for these types of situations.

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Parental Issue

It’s not that I’m having an issue with my son, but it’s the shows that I have to endure. For example:

Liam loves the Wonder Pets show.

Which isn’t a bad show. Until you have to sit through 3 or 4 episodes in a row. The entire thing is musically narrated, so you have them singing the same 4 songs in every episode. The first song, in fact, is the one that is stuck in my head. It goes like this:

The phone.
The phone is ringing.
The phone.
We’ll be right there.
The phone.
The phone is ringing.
There’s an animal in trouble.
There’s an animal in trouble.
There’s an animal in trouble somewhere.

I’m sitting at my desk, on a conference call. Another line rings. And the first thing that pops into my mind is that God-damn song. I even started humming it for a second before I realized what the fuck I was doing.

There’s a circuit in trouble somewhere.


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This should totally burn Lord Omlette’s ass -

Warren Buffett was awarded the Medal of Freedom.

The End.

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That sounds like a band name. Anyway, the Pope made a pretty bold statement about the use of condoms. There are – apparently – “acceptable” times to wear one. I have an idea – how about you wear one when you’re having sex, period?

I understand people getting upset about how invasive the TSA searches are getting. It is rather riduculous. However, in the same notion, don’t hold up the people in line behind you because you feel the need to protest. Do what Lord Omlette does – blog/complain about it later. Don’t be that asshat that holds up 200 people trying to get through to their flights.

Also, it’s not a majority of travelers who hate the new TSA searches. I hate when people are all like “OH OH WE ALL HATES IT!” like they have a Gollum in their pocket. Most people don’t care, and won’t protest, so open protests in the airport are only going to get hostility from other travelers. Be smart and just save it for later.

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Here at work.

You Park Like An Asshole would have come in very handy the other day when this truck parked almost sideways in two parking spaces at work. We contemplated deflating the tires. This would have been so much funnier.

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Cowboys vs Aliens

My mind is blown.

Two of my favorite genres crammed into one movie.

With Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig.

It better be awesome, or I’m killing someone.

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