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Turkey Relents

And pulls out of northern Iraq. That’s a big relief for US soldiers – one less thing to worry about. At least I feel relieved for them, because this could have been a large problem down the road.

Another suicide bomb in Pakistan. One or two attempts in Iraq, with a few problems due to the pilgrimage season, but with heightened alertness, we seem to be avoiding any problems. *knock on wood*

This is the best video I’ve seen yet on the neural stimulation emitter that the Army wants to use for crowd control/cowing the enemy. Run away! Run away!

We’re on a collision with SCIENCE!!!

(I’m intentionally avoiding any talk about the campaign crap that’s going on between McCain – Mr. Democrats-Are-Terrorists – and Clinton/Obama.)

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Prince Harry

He’s presently in Afghanistan. The kid’s got guts and dedication. And he’s serving his time in the right place. Good for Prince Harry – I wish him the best of luck.

Turkey isn’t going to back out of northern Iraq anytime soon. Pakistan’s Musharruf isn’t going to give up his power any time soon, even if he’s legitimately voted out. These types of things continue to frustrate the Administration to no end.

I think Obama has the right idea – our policy of diplomacy has to change. I think that Bush is just afraid of being labeled even more as a divider and not a bridge-builder. He gives the US too much credit – meeting with leaders of other countries does not necessarily RAISE their prestige or influence in the world. At this time, it appears to actually lower it.

Bush is also denying a recession. Regardless of what to exactly call it, our economy has slowed tremedously lately. I watched some rich yahoo on the TV talk about how the Democrats are destroying the economy with all their negative talk, and then couldn’t really tell me how the fuck our economy is getting better. Again, rich asshole trying to influence the market by his words alone. (If anyone can find the video of this guy, I’d appreciate it)

Obama writes about rights for gay and lesbians. It’s interesting to read, because it is a problem with people who discriminate based on your sexual orientation. We shouldn’t be discriminating period.

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Quote XKCD

From their LimerickDB -

user.scream(“OH, FUCK YOU”);}

Gotta love it. There’s one that even references Ceiling Cat. Nerdilicous.

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A vote on ethics.

I lol’ed.

I’m also busy as Hell. Blame work for this incredibly short post.

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What is it? And why is it? People should be paying more attention lately. The Administration’s term slowdown doesn’t even begin to cover it. Again, there’s no reality check for them, so why bother?

Pakistan is becoming the new Afghanistan. Compare the history – you’ll see what I mean.

Fun Campaign Facts

  • Hilary and all the Obama nay-sayers attacked Obama’s comment about soldiers having to resort to using the enemy’s guns and ammo due to shortages. According to General Casey, turns out he wasn’t bullshitting. The only thing the Pentagon decries is that the troops weren’t able to do their job well despite the circumstances.
  • Not only will Chucklebee not quit the GOP primary, he’s now trying to push anti-abortion legislature beyond normal limits. What a douche. Next thing you know, he’ll be saying that female eggs are people, and taking birth control pills is illegal.

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Colburn admits that invading Iraq was a mistake, although he’s being soundly criticized by his peers for not toeing the line. Meanwhile, McCain’s own FEC campaign spending regulations are kicking his ass. What a twist!

Good News: Al-Sadr extended the ceasefire in Iraq (purely for political reasons, but no significant increase in violence is good).
Bad New: Turkey has officially invaded northern Iraq, despite US protest. One or two analysts says this could complicate things in Iraq greatly, since Turkey wants nothing to do with being a coalition force.

Work sucks. China hit me up first thing when I got in.

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Watching the Debate

Another reason I don’t like Hilary Clinton -

The government cannot take on providing everyone with maditory healthcare. Her argument that the government should push for closer, more tax-provided universal healthcare is not grounded in reason. We simply cannot pay for it and balance the budget as she claims we can.

Barack’s answer is somewhat manageable, but I’m not sure how he’s going to force lower healthcare costs. That’s a freaking greedy and established industry. They’d raise rates two more times this year if they thought they could squeeze us for even more money.

Barack Obama was pretty good at defending himself from Clinton’s weak attacks. She seemed half-hearted in this debate, as if she’s ready to concede. I don’t think Obama attacked Clinton once. He merely laughed off all her accusations and attempts to goad him into saying something he’d regret.

They both did a good job, though. They sounded more rational than McCain (who is broiled in a shitstorm and stuck on wasteful spending policies of our present Administration) and Huckabee (who won’t stop talking about God) from a week ago.

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I posted in some weird list of things white people like that you can find on WordPress. My statement about Conservatives was supposed to be a joke – and implying that while a lot of people think Bush is a Conservative in the true sense of the word, he’s not. Of course, that brought a few Conservative asshat trolls over to try and comment in four or five random entries, one of which I let in because I wanted to see how this boob would react. Nothing to report so far.

The Anne Frank Center in Germany is trying something new (video) to teach kids about the Holocaust. Mostly because they noted that most kids didn’t pay attention to the subject in school because it was so dry. Now, some groups in the Jewish community are all up in arms about this. My thought is that getting their interest through a comic book for them to look up facts later is a great effort to teach. Better than them falling asleep in class.

Man, Kosovo’s independence has riled up the Serbs something fierce. I understand the reason, but it doesn’t help Serbia as a nation to consistently turn to violence whenever they feel like it (hint, hint – Bosnia and Croatia).

New IAEA report to be released soon. It’s interesting to see another perspective on Iran’s nuclear program.

Omaha News:
Remember this guy? Well, he’s no longer being tracked via ankle bracelet or whatever. I feel for the people who think he’s a threat, but you have to give a guy a chance. He seems to be doing better.

Finally, someone once told me to prove to them that extremist Huckabee supporters are insane. Well, here’s your proof.  I can’t wait until God sends a miracle to end Huckabee’s campaign for good.

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Spread paranoia to get someone else to do it for you. It’s a variant of Today’s IDAM, as a resistance group to the Iranian government thinks that the best policy to get rid of their foes is to say they are “accelerating” their nuclear program.

Al-Sadr says the cease-fire against US troops may be over. I think he doesn’t have as much control over the anti-American insurgency as we think he does, since people are still blowing up and shooting at US troops in Iraq every day.

Remember the Alamo, and Hilary Clinton. Hanging one’s hopes on Texas didn’t work too well for Democratic primary candidates in the last four primary elections, so I won’t be surprised if she goes down in flames.

Either we’re still poised to shoot down that satellite, or we did and it wasn’t reported. I saw a rather large something enter the atmosphere just left of the moon this evening. It may have been a meteor, but it left a nice contrail. Oh, speaking of the Moon, don’t forget the full eclipse can be seen in Midwest to Eastern US at 9:30 CST.


[Edit] It was a confirmed large meteorite, like the one that fell in Portland, Oregan. It completely disintegrated before hitting the ground, but it was pretty bright. Apparently, we may see several more in the next month or two.

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