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Long Night Ahead of Me

Well, I have a long night of work ahead of me, so this will be short:

- I’m glad that Iraq has improved so much that the British are getting pounded by rockets in Basra and more car bombs are going off in areas that were considered “safe” last week. What’s funny is that Republican people I know are going, “You know, Bush was so full of crap in his SotU address about Iraq after I read about the growing violence over there.”

- Are we supporting Pakistan or not? I mean, killing terrorists over their borders when their President says he will not stand aside and let the US conduct military operations in Pakistan isn’t exactly a great show of support for a supposed ally. The Administration needs to clarify our position over there, and not pussy-foot around.

That’s it. I might write more later if I get some time.

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Is the surge working?

Basically, out of all the things that Bush put me to sleep with in the SotU address, nothing made me roll my eyes than the propaganda he spouted about the Iraq surge (watch video – ignore the article). He acts like all the violence in the Iraq is due to Al-Qaeda. Totally ignores the fact that there are still Sunni extremists, and that bombs are still going off weekly. Absolutely no recognition that maybe the largest contributing factor in lower violence in Iraq happens to be Moqtada al-Sadr suspending his militia’s activities! None! It’s all him that is responsible for this lull.

This is why I hate the mouthpiece called GW Bush.

Today’s IDAM: Making friends with Egypt, while thumbing our nose at the US. And suspending public executions.

Good news – North Korea is committed to disarmament, despite their initial setbacks. Amazing how diplomacy and talking to these people actually got us somewhere without actually having to use force.

The economy is still hurting, even after the Feds dropped the interest rates today.  We had a similar drop back in 2002, but this is worse – the stimulus package coming through may only help families until October. That’s less than a year.

Sad to see John Edwards leave the race. He was a good candidate – I liked him, and he was a good balance to Obama’s slightly over-the-top campaign. I hope Obama does well by Edwards if he wins and gives John the perfect position to help fix our broken government. I could care less about Giuliani dropping out – that idiot’s campaign was nothing but 9/11 rhetoric.

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Usually I post every Tuesday through Friday without fail when I’m working. However, tonight is an exception, since I’m working from home. So bear with me. It’s a negative 11 degrees outside right now.

I read this interesting blog post about the hypocrisy of fundamental, neo-Conservative Christians and their attitudes towards homosexuality. While I don’t agree with every point of his entry, I do agree with the author that it is just as immoral to falsely patronize and/or prosecute a person based on their beliefs.

And to the guy who says there is no proof of evolution … well, I posted a response to that. Humanity is the best example of tried and true evolution, both physically and mentally.

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Huckabee’s Watchin’ You

This is overly amusing. My blog is like showing up on every Huckabee campaign and/or watch site. Like these two show me as an unknown poster:



Halp! I’m being spieded on by Huckabee peoples lolz

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As I already mentioned to my friends on IRC, I don’t even hear the words coming out of his mouth anymore. My brain wanders back to my childhood when the Muppet Show was on every night, and I hear the Swedish Chef instead.

“Econermy murney murney, ho ho ho! Ish murney fer peeple, stimulus pagage fer der murney, bork bork bork!!”

Same for Hilary Clinton. When she talks, all I hear is the Martians from Mars Attacks! “ACK! ACK ACK ACK ACK!”*

Speaking of Hilary, she needs to learn there are no take-backies. You do not join the DNC boycott of states that broke the rules and moved their primaries ahead, and then when your campaign appears to be at risk, change your god damn mind. As I saw a few DNC heads on TV say today, “If her husband and her continue to attack and question the Democratic National Convention and it’s members – such as other Democrat candidates and the delegate process – whether she leads in delegate votes or not in February, the DNC may chose her rivals instead.”

Well-played. Well-played.

Today’s IDAM: Does not play well with others because of previous dickery.

*If you want a refresher, go to the Todd and Tyler Radio Empire Play At Home Game soundboard, click on the Sounds button, then click on the Martians button. That’s exactly what I hear.

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There comes a time when you – as a religion – shouldn’t mess with the regular person. Especially a hokey religion like Scientology. I mean, they’ve basically pissed off every Internet community I participate in/read – the *Chans, Something Awful, FYAD, PA forums, YTMND …

This article explains it better, but Anon from the #Chan world of the Internet has decided to dismantle their religion on the Web. And since I can’t access a single Scientology website without either waiting for 5 minutes or timing out, it appears that it is fully on.

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Low Blows

There are so many bad things going on at work right now, that all I have time for is a short letter.

Dear Senator John McCain -

Sir, I don’t like you because you are unstable. And I don’t like Hilary Clinton, either. But making a statement like this is just plain stupid. Sometimes, you’re so retarded that it makes my head hurt.

Yours Truly,

Good to know that President Bush planned just far enough in advance to screw with the newly elected one. WTB, dickhead!

Days until the Administration is gone:  360 days

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Ressurection of the Dead

This was a good blog question – would you prefer to be cremated or buried after you die?

Of course, what I expected to see in the comments did happen – someone said they believe in the Ressurection of the Dead, and would rather be buried.

Let me point something out to you:

Nearly 80% of the Bible is a parable or a euphamism. Most of it is not to be taken literally. The Ressurection of the Dead is definitely about being risen again from death by the Savior during His second coming. But it’s a spiritual ressurection. Should that come in another 1,000 or 2,000 years from now, you’ll be naught but dust anyway. Your bones, too.

Doesn’t the Bible say, “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust“? So what really is the difference anyway?

There is none.

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You’d think that “some” psychologists would stop coddling celebrities and move onto better things. Spears is a pop star – she should have known after signing up for this career that it wasn’t going to be easy, and that the tabloids specialize in making life worse for mere entertainment. As a psychology major myself, I say to my peers to stop talking about Spears, period. And maybe she’ll stop being an eyesore to the rest of the nation.

Speaking of better things to talk about, this is hilarious in its own right. Barack vs Bill in a dance-off. Classic primary election coverage there. Instead of talking about the candidates ripping each other off in terms of economic stimulus ideas (well, Hilary ripping Obama off, anyway).

Speaking of Clinton and the Primaries, apparently former President Clinton is into weird voyeurism. He said he enjoys watching his wife bicker with Obama, and let them “get to it.” Next thing you know, he’ll be saying he likes imagining Obama and his wife … ow, the mental picture hurts.

No doubt you’ve heard about the masked men bombing the wall between Gaza and Egypt, due to Israeli blockading. I’m sure you’ve also been bombarded by Iran smirking at our attempt to sanction them. Well, did you also hear about the bomb going off in Iraq, or that violence is increasing in Afghanistan against students? No? Because apparently our televised media sucks ass in covering all the important stuff in the Middle East.

The markets come back after a Fed drop, although it was a helluva rollercoaster ride. There’s a lot of journalists asking the question of why the proposed economic stimulus package isn’t doing more to help the market recover. I’ll tell you why – because the package is a stop-gap deal at best, and like the dropped interest rates, has to end at some point. The economy the Administration said was doing so well last year is now tanking hard.

Bad news for the South – the drought isn’t only hurting the environment, the drinking water availability and the living conditions, but if it doesn’t end soon, there will be less nuclear plants supporting the population centers. Which means higher electricity bills and more brown-outs in the summer. And these residing idiots said over the last decade that the outlying environment of the South was doing fine under the growing number of people moving there. SCIENCE, people. Either start learning or die.

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