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Dueling Dicks Part Three

We’re at the end of the Dueling Dicks saga, in which BYU seemed to show some pretty good restraint and decent bi-partisan dialogue concerning the Veep. It’s sad that there won’t be any more to this story.

So, it’s more of a War of Wills than a logical choice, as admitted by President Bush himself. What happened to the “I will work with the other side to get things done?” Right now, all he’s doing is saying – Either do what I say or I will veto everything you pass. Gotta love a President who blackmails Congress.

Speaking of not wanting to admit being wrong, the Administration is now ignoring ex-CIA guy Tenet for his accusations that the President violated protocols and had intelligence invented to go to war with Iraq. Mind you, this guy was given a medal and strong words of recommendation by the President himself in the past. I’m just glad that Congress is willing to sit down and listen to Tenet, because he has an important story to tell.

(sarcasm) So glad that the Administration’s past and present strategies of fighting terrorists in Iraq is working so damn well (/sarcasm).

Finally, a nod to BOB associate Ahab for his illumination of another paranoia-gone-wrong episode. Here I thought we were done with discussing the VT thing, but it appears that mob mentality and trampling liberty in the name of safety due to the VT massacre is going to rear it’s ugly head forever. Seriously, let’s completely get rid of free speech because apparently no one fucking gives a shit about it anymore.

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You know it’s a sad day for the Administration when someone with a Ph.D and a role of national security adviser to the President calls the Russians “Soviets.” Way to live in 1988, Condi. Right after Yeltsin died and the Russians are interacting peacefully with the one of the Axis of Evil. Too bad you aren’t more diplomatic.

Well, so much for Bush’s alleged “slam dunk.” When original war supporters who have been good about standing behind their decision for war says, “Okay, this doesn’t make sense anymore,” it’s time to leave.

Good news in our neighboring state – Iowa has decided to stop discriminating against sexual orientations. Good for them. Now, if Nebraska would just join the rest of the real world …

(NOTE: I did not watch the 8-way Democrat debate. I hear they were actually quite civil and decent. Although, everyone wants Al Gore. )

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Art for Art’s Sake

I have to say this because I have so many artistic friends:

I have a problem with people who think art needs to conform to “moral standards,” so to speak. I think a lot of strict Christians and fundamentalists totally miss the point when they go out of their way to demoralize or interrupt art. Because, in retrospect, it enhances the message of the artist, which completely undermines the goal of the Christian protest altogether.

For example:

It’s one thing to critique, to criticize and to disagree with the artist in question. It’s an entirely different thing to try and wreck the artist. Or the experience for other people. Now, if it were a movie, and people left, I would understand that. The artist is probably back in Australia or California or Mexico doing something totally unrelated to the movie. But when it’s a live performance, I totally don’t understand the mass disruption protest. As the performer in the video says (and I paraphrase), “Maybe you should have found out the content of the show before you attended.”

Same thing goes for book signings, poetry readings and exhibits. You have every right after the performance/event to write a scathing review or to comment on the art in question. You don’t have the right to deface the art or the artist in question. What the Hell has happened to well-mannered religious people? If anything, they are the rude pricks that really deserve to feel crapped on.

NOTE that I’m not exactly advocating that all crap that is passed off as art should be appreciated, either. That’s an entirely seperate rant.

The video is Invincible Summer by Mike Daisey. I’ve watched a lot of his improv’ed work and he’s funny (and makes a point). I would encourage you to explore art beyond the principle.


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Guess what I think of you?

Thief, thief, thief, thief, thief, thief, thief, thief, thief, thief, pussy and thief.

While you’re at it, why don’t you threaten legal action on me as well? I don’t actually care what greedy bullies like you have to say, Mr. Thieving Jackass. You or your bloodsucking lawyers. Hahahahaha.

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Here Comes the Budget

With the addendum that Bush at least starts considering some sort of withdraw strategy by October. He’s not going to get the funding he wants without strings attached, so if I were him, I’d take it while it is vague. After all, now he’s got yet another commander saying that staying in Iraq much longer will end in absolute breakdown of our military.

So, the Pentagon is getting smart to the problems with the domestic spying program. I think they realize the legal can of worms that it continues to open around the country. Spying on your own citizens is illegal, and they know it.

I’m not sure what the Democrats are doing. I mean, first John Edwards asks the Republican President to fire Karl Rove. And now Pelosi’s considering going back on her, “We won’t impeach you, Mr. President,” statement. It’s weird how it seems like such an imperative to listen to the public now.

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When you act like a Dick, you get called onto the rug. Despite how safe Cheney thinks he is, he’s not getting the bigger picture. The bigger picture is, “People don’t like assholes like you, Mr. Vice President.”

One of my biggest gripes with my previous political party was that they were reluctant to recognize blatant corruption. So let’s get rid of some of that corruption. Let’s not be Cheney’s about it and threaten blackmail. Doesn’t matter, anway – Bill Clinton is no longer President. Bush is. I’m hoping beyond hope that this time, he’s serious about actually talking with Iran and not following Mr. Cheney’s and Mr. McCain’s plan to invade Iran.

So, despite the fact that the most popular Republican candidate for the 2008 Presidential race isn’t on the bandwagon concerning the surge, and that a military veteran now Senator does not believe it is working, Tom DeLay thinks if you don’t agree with the President, you are committing treason. Totally erase the last 200 years of US history in which the country overcame adversity and improved because of free speech. Free speech is the enemy.

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You’ll have to excuse me if I’m linking to Raw Story more lately, because out of all the news sources out there, they at least give you videos and tell you where they get their news.

The pressure’s on. Although there’s little chance of impeaching either the President or the VeePee (I love it when they say it like that), the principle is awesome. We’re tired of the inept, uncommunicative Executive branch. It’s funny how the PR branch of Bush comes out and says, “We’re behind Gonzales 100%,” while his aides are all, “We think he’s doomed and going down in flames.” Conflicting messages tell me that the right hand of the Administration doesn’t know what the left hand is feeling.

Meanwhile, apparently John Stewart has more clout than Congress. Laff out loud.

As the violence escalates in Baghdad, the US soldiers and the public feel less inclined to believe that the strategy set forward by our glorious leader is working. People are pissed at Hagel because he didn’t play along with the “feel good” message and stuck to the truth. Right now, the game is no longer about WINNING in Iraq – it’s about resisting a loss of control in Congress to the Democrat opposition. If we pull out before Bush leaves office, the perception is that he is a loser (and therefore, the Republican party is nothing but a bunch of losers). Well, I think that perception is already there, so do yourselves a favor and just listen to the people. Gates knows the score – if we send more, more insurgents and violence will follow. I can see he’s frustrated there’s no plan to go with the surge.

More fun with the RIAA. The University of Nebraska continues to obfuscate identities, and the RIAA is not exactly winning any support. There’s an article that I can’t recover at the moment that reports that Nevada is following the same plan – delete the files the RIAA needs so they can’t do jackshit. I like the whole, “FUCK YOU RIAA,” attitude the world seems to be adapting now.

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I declined to go into further discussion about the Virginia Tech massacre that occurred Monday because I did not want to open a can of worms that would have people floundering to use whatever scrap of scientific evidence incorrectly to prove their moral superiority/opinion. It has come down to the media and people like Jack Thompson trying to find the video game angle to blame violence on one of hundreds of activities in society that can lead to violent and aggressive behavior.  All I hear is “Counterstrike blah blah,” “blah Counterstrike trained blah blah,” etc.

The truth of the matter is that society and the culture of this country is unprepared to address people with mental illnesses who might go on shooting sprees. We’re under-educated, the mental health system is under-funded, and people want to scapegoat whatever they can onto something tangle to direct their anger and hatred towards (since, you know, the shooter shot himself so there’s no real target anymore). The media circus does nothing – absolutely NOTHING – to make the situation better, and continues to perpetuate bad premises and theories to keep the public emotionally glued to their television sets.

This shirking of responsibility by people for their actions and the actions of others, the need to scapegoat and obscure the truth, and to insult the intelligence of the public is clearly reflected in our government. The best example to-date is Alberto Gonzales. He was in charge of his department. His department acted irresponsibly and as clearly evidenced, in league with political agendas. And the Administration and the AG himself don’t see what the problem is! To them, there is no responsibility of the person in charge for the lies and mistakes of what is clearly the realm of his responsibility. Like a parent to one of the kids involved in the Columbine shooting, why should they be responsible for their own?

Disgraceful, really.

What really yanks my chain is that we just had some of the bloodiest 24 hours over in Iraq, and there’s little to no coverage about that. Those sneaky insurgents keep hitting where it hurts.  Gates has announced the clock is ticking, and we really have to push Iraq to get their shit in gear. The Army’s really asking for some budget answers, because once we hit June, the rent is due.


  • George Bush has totally (and humorously) lost his God-damn mind.
  • McCain continues to babble like a retard that believes there’s no tommorrow.

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Free Day Off

Because of the media circus that has erupted from the Virginia Tech tragedy, everyone’s getting a free day off at college as everyone uses their ability to make bogus threats to close down schools. Another example of desperate media blowing everything so out of proportion that the tragedy is lost in the excruciating retelling of the story.

Meanwhile, it seems to be working to the Administration’s benefit of pulling attention from REAL tragedy. Nevermind that bombs continue to go off in supposed “safe” zones in Baghdad.

More influencial, experienced people upset at Bush (scroll down to watch the video). This goes in stride with the fact that Bush basically keeps handing out free money to his contractor friends everywhere, despite the fact they keep screwing people over. Overlooking the fact that his appointed staff are only promoting via loyalty, hoping to destroy any opposition in the near future. Someone needs to just say, “Fuck you, Mr. President,” to his face.

So now that Iran is going to ignore threats and move ahead with nuclear testing, it appears that diplomacy is the answer. Gates indicates that maybe talking to people actually helps improve the situation. Weird how if you actually try to communicate with people, you may get what you wanted in the first place.

And thanks to Ahab who pointed this out earlier:


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