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Calm Down

Let’s all take a deep breath and relax. (LOL)

Despite the crap that comes out of some people’s mouths, I think it’s about time people acknowledge it’s time to leave Iraq. Everyone from our ally Saudi Arabia to New Hampshire think it’s time to start packing it in. Even Russia, who Bush just talked to recently about Iran, thinks it’s time for the US to GTFO of Iraq.

Also: Go Barack Obama!

Europe faces religious invasion!!! How will the entrenched religious crazies respond??? Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, religious fanatics, you so crazy crazy. Thanks for being entertaining.

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And bite you on the ass later. Owch! The Democrats are definitely not making things easy for Bush or his Administration. If anything, his own party is defecting and distancing themselves from him. Hell, even some of the most Conservative groups are trying to show their discontent with the embarassment that is the Bush Administration. Glad to see that not all Republicans are Loyalists (go Hagel).

The climate isn’t getting any better, either.

Iraqi Moment – you know things aren’t going to get any better when Baathists are still fighting to get power and maintain their position of genocide against the rest of your country. And if they don’t get their power back, they’ll continue to back the insurgency. [sacrasm] Wonderful news from Iraq, really. [/sarcasm]

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Stayed off compootars all day yesterday.

After making statements about “not knowing anything or advocating anything” about federal attorneys being fired, there’s a release of documents proving Gonzales did, in fact, know and advocate the firing of federal attorneys*. Even better, it’s now public news that the White House was given very bad advice about the firings. The whole thing leaves such a bad taste in the mouth, that more and more Republicans are saying, “Tell Gonzales to GTFO!”

I’m so glad that public safety is easily used during Presidential elections. It’s kind of funny how questioning the legality of the FBI/CIA spying on people and matter of privacy might get you blacklisted. Or worse, put in one of those CIA fun camps. We caved into fear and now fear is caving in on us. Congratulations, America, you fucked up our Constitutional rights.

The entire Global Warming issue heats up. Everyone who bemoans it being “not a big deal” probably should be aware that governments acknowledge the reality. Stop arguing about what causes global warming and come to grips with the fact it’s real. Then maybe you’ll understand WTF everyone is so upset about.

*Not surprising. He is a lawyer after all, and that’s what lawyers are good at – lying.

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Probably not, but I’ll give it a try.

See you on Sunday.

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I Pledge Allegiance

Apparently, more and more people are embracing Democrat values over Republican values. Not surprised. I’m not embracing the Democrats, although some of their ideas are good ideas. There are a lot of non-Republican good ideas out there. And one or two Republicans still have good ideas.

I think it is sad when people who are actually tired of the war and are listening to the public try everything they can to put a stop to the pointless conflict we’re now embroiled in in Iraq, and are rebuked as making a political show. Bush is wondering why more and more people hate him. “People are being turned from me by lies,” he once said (I’ll find the article that quoted him). By your lies, George – by your lies.

For those of you blind enough to believe that things are getting better in Iraq, here is a good indicator that things are just starting getting heated up for the year. Lord Omlette referenced a great link the other day explaining why we can’t win against the insurgency. We’re not even fight the insurgency anymore – we’re fighting regular Iraqis sent to the front by insurgents. Eventually, when all the cvilians are dead, who’s left to take over?

The insurgents.

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The University of Nebraska never lets me down. Husker fans do a lot, but not the school itself. It’s hilarious. Especially in the most recent brush with the RIAA.

Recently, the RIAA demanded The UNL rat out any students sharing files on their network. The University said, and I paraphrase:

Fuck you, thanks for playing, here’s a bill for wasting our time, gtfo bai.

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It’s good to see Judges defending the original purpose of the Internet – the exchange of ideas, knowledge and PORN! Hahahaha! Seriously, this is a parental issue, not a government one. The government is not your babysitter on the Internet – you are!

I think Gonzales needs to re-evaluate the amount of stress he’s going to cause himself and the people he represents. Instead of being stubborn, maybe he should let Bush pick a new AG.

This is one of those things that was probably meant to be a good intention bill, but even I can see the potential for abuse by the rich for this bill. Instead of maybe giving tax breaks to help the middle class, Senators should be working on passing laws that protect us from waste that causes the costs to go up in the first place.

Again, another elected official who suffered a moment of stupidity. Foot-in-mouth disease seems to be going around a lot in Congress. There are reasons for the clauses that regulate the behavior of Congress people in session. Because they tend to say really dumb things to each other.

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In terms of hits and sheer comments sent in an attempt to rally me or whoever to the side of Little Green Footballs. Or deride me for calling them “fucktards.” Or try to tell me I’m wrong about the anti-Muslim thing. Etc.

ABSOLUTE HILARITY! With a side of LOL fries.

I pondered letting comments slide through like I did with the Brownback post, just to see what would happen. But I realized that it’s already going on everywhere else, so why bring more shitloads of comments that will fill up my email box in a heartbeat? So I decided, “I’ll save these comments for another day, when it will be incredibly fun to share the stupidity of people.”

There were a lot of anti-LGF comments, too. In the vein that they apparently think I approve of their cause to bring down the “LGF conspiracy,” or whatever. No, that’s not what I’m saying. My beef with LGF is the claim of being neutral biased when it’s absolutely not unbiased at all. Just as the anti-LGF people are probably equally biased (and their claims of being unbiased would be equally ridiculed).

I am by no way unbiased, but I don’t see a need to be. This is my blog for my sake. I don’t see why everyone thinks that blogs are going to be unbiased, because chances are, they won’t be. They’ll be just as biased – if not more – than I. Everyone’s got an agenda – fact.

It’s amazing what fucktards come out of left or right field to defend websites. Oh Em Gee, Double U Tee Eff, mate? I don’t think that Digg is concerned at all about being an unbiased news source when it allows biased people to submit and rank stories to be front page. Digg is really just a tool, that is caught up in the drama/politics of human tools. Like LGF is a tool to amass fucktards. And the tool of LGF calling the tool of Digg out is, again, the pot calling the kettle black.

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Little Green Fucktards

So I was reading another blog about Digg censoring LGF articles, and man, do the fucktards just roll in. Pro- and anti-LGFers.

I had only heard about LGF in the most remote way like a year ago, so I went looking for it. I accidentally pulled up the Landfill Group – which is funny, because after actually finding the Little Green Football site and reading it, I have to agree that it is something of a Landfill Group. It’s like watching the shit pile up and being pushed around by bulldozers all day. I’m really serious.

What got me the most was not the hint of how it’s designed to bring all the people who dislike Muslims in general for one thing or another to bitch about everything they hate about the Muslim culture, but the fact that the people who crawl out of the woodwork to defend LGF claim a non-bias on the site that got an award for being pro-Israeli. [sarcasm] Definitely not biased in the least. [/sarcasm]

Another example of people being hypocritical and dangerously obsessive to protect what they love. In this case, apparently, a place to be Conservative and/or spoon-fed morons.

And if that’s too serious for you, have a gander at something a friend gave me to watch – a little beatbox kitchen segment.

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