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Scalia doesn’t want to believe in Global Warming, since, of course, it means lessening the amount of oil dollars being leaked into his pocket. Let’s all have a laugh at the dubious fate of the human race because we’re convinced that “God won’t let that happen.”

First the people, then the Generals, then the Democrats, and now Iraq themselves. Not surprisingly, Bush doesn’t give a fuck – he gets off on war. “We’re going to win,” he believes. The only thing we’re winning at this point is the race to failure.

Wal-Mart suffers a set-back. NPR did some sort of survey (I heard this on the radio) and found out that most people did their shopping on Amazon.com or at Target this year. Maybe Wal-Mart should take this as a sign that their terrible customer service and public image are impacting their sales. When your own employees can’t afford your stuff, then it’s not a good thing.

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Again, even though people are being burned alive and sectarian violence is on the rise, Reichsleiter Bush continues to deny there’s anything even remotely resembling civil war in Iraq. I think he’s confused about the “civil” part of the term – it’s obvious there’s nothing civil about what’s going on over there

Senator Reid appears to have great intentions, but can it be done? All sources point to “no.”

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I would like to make the following statement after the PS3 launch that occurred this morning:

“I’m so glad your lauch parties in NYC and SF went so smoothly, since places like Boston had painful releases. Your limited release (that could have been avoided by waiting until next year to release the PS3) was so detrimental to your fanbase.

“Furthermore, releasing a $699 machine with backwards compatibility problems and HDMI problems isn’t exactly what I call having any sense of decency or respect for gamers. People don’t like to buy defective products. If I paid $700 for a PS3, I would want it to be fairly well tested with no strings attached. Either tell me the truth or GTFO.

“I’m personally hoping your Playstation line flops hard, and that the world turns to the Wii and XBox for their gaming experiences. Trying to cram all the technological wonder into a console that’s huge, noisy and not exactly online ready (that’s my personal experience – the wireless capability sucks when trying to get online) is a giant mistake that you should pay for. Not the fans. Not the gamers.

“But the sheep will continue to buy your products because you are a money-grubbing corporation like all the others who don’t care about customer service. I’m glad people are smashing PS3’s and totally bashing you on the Internet. Maybe someday you’ll wake up and join the rest of us in reality. Until then, you can stick your beloved gaming console up your ass and then jump off of the Tokyo Tower.

“Yours truly, McClaud.”

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Cheney, You Goof You

Hey, Cheney. If you are so gung-ho about Iraq, why don’t you go over there and fight? I hear you are really good at shooting people in the face.

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Hot OR Cold

So, today, some people are totally all hot over what they call the fallacy of global warming, while others are totally being given the cold shoulder about their fictitious religion.

Meanwhile, the President wants to try one last giant push in Iraq to see if he can’t deliver on his abortive “stay the course” strategy. I believe Fox News will be the midwife in this time of crisis.

And finally, here’s Al Franken doing his endzone victory dance on the Colbert show:

Thank you, Mr. Franken. If you do run for President, I guess the movie Man of the Year will be the adequate prophecy.

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Comical Politics

Here’s a funny political cartoon.

Sorry, I just had to show this off for the day or two it will be in their imagebucket.

EDIT: I turned it into a link, because the image is like too big for the set frame width of my WordPress blog. Thank you, WP, for making my life a living Hell.

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After watching/reading about her latest shinanegans, I want whatever drug she’s on. I mean, to be able to be so bold, yet so out-of-touch that one doesn’t even seem phased that reality is leaving one behind … it looks like fun!

Just to prove that I’m not big fan of the Democrats, I think Murtha is a fucking retard. Kinda makes you think how certain people get into Congress, when they have issues like corruption and racism in their pocket.

I would like to ask the President if he can stop abusing the powers of the Executive Branch.  Apparently, his second-in-command cannot help himself.

War! Uuuh! What is it good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHIN‘! Say it again!

I wonder when Tom DeLay will stop being a retard like Muthra? I mean, hello? Are you even paying attention to reality? Your constant denial of facts makes me think otherwise.

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I realized when I got more than 15 readers that I needed to probably say something about my posting schedule -

I work Tuesday through Friday, 7 pm to 5 am. I update at work, so when I’m not at work on the weekends, I doubt you’ll ever see anything posted by me.

So, without further ado, let’s chat about a few things:

- Fools support other fools, it seems.

- Security and Liebermann. How does that work, exactly?

- Tom DeLay’s people are freaking babies. It’s obvious when someone who isn’t ultra-conservative takes an ultra-conservative’s position, support staff are going to leave. Boo-fucking-hoo.

- The Head of the UN makes a point. It’s not entirely religious – there are politics involved.

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I’m Not The Only One

Is it the end of the extreme Conservative movement? Some people seem to think so. Almost immediately after I made my statement about problems Conservatives have, I saw on TV (don’t know which channel – I think it was MSNBC) a program about how there are large anti-Conservative groups forming just to oppose the extreme Conservative sector. Does it have to do with the evangelical minister on TV openly condemning the Republicans for their failure to uphold Conservative ideals?

What I think is interesting is that even after my entire office went with me to tell the dude who’s sporting extreme Conservative posters (“Don’t let those job thieves cross our borders,” “Christian ideals are the only true ideals,” etc) and such on his cubicle walls that he’s in the minority and he needs to remove them, he still claims “I’m not the only extreme Conservative in the office.” I look around at all the faces and say “Who?”

He couldn’t tell me. But he’s still in denial. I think that’s what’s going on here – a lot of Conservatives in denial.

I’m not railing on moderate Conservatives. Everyone has a few Conservative and a few Liberal ideals. The point is that coming to the middle is more important than stubbornly saying things like, “Fuck the Illegal Wetbacks!” and “GET THE MUSLIM/JEWS OUT OF MY COUNTRY!!!” Those are your opinions, and you are entitled to them, but don’t hang them on the moderates or the Republicans to push them for you. Those views are in the minority.

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